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On the evening of October 27th, many Korean celebrities gathered at the red carpet of The Seoul Awards 2018. Their presence attracted a lot of attention from the media.

Son Ye Jin


Son Ye Jin together with her co-star Jung Hae In in the film “Something In The Rain” was said to steal the spotlight on the red carpet. She wore a long dress to attend the event. She is usually on the best-dressed list whenever attending formal events.

Medium length hair with side parting seems to be her favorite hairstyle as this simple hairstyle has become her choice in many recent events. Black hair is not only a symbol of elegance but it also makes anyone look younger.

Seohyun (SNSD)

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The V wire bodycon lace gown made Seohyun become the queen of The Seoul Awards 2018’s red carpet. It seems that her long layered hair in chocolate brown color is taken care of so carefully that it is really soft, smooth and shiny. SNSD’s maknae received a lot of praise for her gentle and charming beauty.

Kim Ah Joong

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After many years of absence on small screen, Kim Ah Joong made a comeback with an attractive appearance which made a lot of people jealous. At The Seoul Awards 2018, the main actress of the movie “200 Pounds Beauty” chose a pink dress which had been uniquely designed. It was a kind of backless and off-shoulder dress. The highlight of this sexy dress is a special bow in big size in front of her breast.

Another element contributing to such an attractive appearance that we must mention to is her beautiful hair. In spite of not being styled in a sophisticated way, Kim Ah Joong’s hair was completely in line with her long dress.

Kim Sung Ryung

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Kim Sung Ryung wore a backless sparkling black dress which symbolized luxury. The Miss Korea 1988 is always clever in making her appearance look much younger than her actual age without overshadowing her luxury as well as her nobility.

Appearing at The Seoul Awards 2018, “Kim Tan’s mother” styled her short brown hair into a half-up, half-down bun. It could not be denied that she was given a youthful look thanks to this bouncy hairstyle.

Jo Bo Ah

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Attending the red carpet of The Seoul Awards 2018, Jo Bo Ah decided to go for an irreducible style as everything with her was quite simple but elegant (her makeup, her accessories, her white dress and her hairstyle).

Because her shoulder length hair was dyed brown, it helped to brighten her skin. As can be seen, this hairstyle made the girl born in 1991 look younger. It is quite easy to care for and style medium length straight hairs.

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