Lace closure – The marvelous item for any hair extension lovers

01 Lace Closure

There are now more and more types of brilliant hair extensions available in the market to serve the increasingly diverse demand of customers, and lace closure is one of them. So, what makes lace closure popular, how to use it, what type should you use and how to take proper care of this stunning hairpiece? Let scroll down to grasp all the needed info before you go ahead and buy one.

Why lace closure?

Creating a natural look

A lace closure is a hairpiece where the hair strands are tied to a lace base which resembles the scalp. Therefore, it can create a natural hairline that no one can tell that you are using the hairpiece.

Protective style

A lace closure allows you to try many styles and colors without harming your bio hair since all the heating, styling and dying process is applied on your weave rather than your hair. There is also no need for making a blending between your hair and the closure.

02 Lace Closure

Low maintenance

Lace closure often requires little maintenance, just washing, conditioning and styling. Although lace closure weaves and wigs should be take off at the end of the day, you can still wear it at night with a scarf wrapped around your head or using a silk pillow.

What type of lace closure to choose?

To meet the demands of users, hair manufacturers also provide lace closures in numerous types. It can be categorized by size, parting style or the texture, etc.


When it comes to parting, you can opt for a certain type parting for your lace closure like middle part and side part. Or you can make use of free part closures which offer you with multiple ways to form a part.  


Lace closure also comes in various textures to keep up with the beauty trend in the world and help users obtain the most suitable hairstyles for their face shapes. From straight to body wavy or kinky curly, it’s up to you to choose a style for a natural parting. 

03 Lace Closure


The size we refer to is the size of the lace base. There are now several common sizes of lace closures in the market like 4×5, 4×4, 4×3.5 and 5×5, among which lace closure 4×4 and lace closure 5×5 are the most popular ones. 

While there are many types of lace closure, it depends on your need, size of head and the style you love to choose the one that suits you the most.

How to install lace closures?

Hair extension lovers often use lace closures with some hair bundles to make lace closure weaves or wigs. If you intend to make a closure sew in, you can attach the lace closure to your head by using sewing it down, or gluing and taping it. Whichever way you apply, it’s important to keep your hair lay flat to secure a natural look. Braiding or making cornrows are the ideal ways to keep your hair flat and neat under the lace closure. Also, remember to sew of glue the closure tightly to your head and leave enough space for your hair wefts. 

How to style and take care of lace closures?


Just like how you do with a lace frontal, you can still pluck your lace closure to create a natural front line with baby hairs. The next thing is optional but if your lace closure does not have a base made from HD lace film, it’s better to apply some concealer or foundation to the lace so that it can blend with your skin tone perfectly. In this case, you may need to bleach the knots before making any styling to get the best results. 

04 Lace Closure


  • Using proper hair care products for your hairpiece is the key point to obtain a vibrant look with it and help it last longer.
  • Be friendly with it by gentle brushing and pulling. Rough brushing and pulling will make the hair shed. 
  • Don’t overuse heat styling even with human hair lace closure. If you must do so, remember to spray some heat protectant over the hair strands. 
  • Store the hairpiece at a dry and cool place when not using. Hang it on a hair extension hanger to avoid tangling and rubbing. 

Lace closure is a lovely item for users to get a new look. We hope that you can rock your style every time you use it. Thank you for reading. 


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