Lace front wig – All the thing you need to know before installation

01 Lace Front Wig

For wig lovers, lace front wig is totally not an unfamiliar term, and there is a reason why it has become more and more popular throughout the years. Not only does lace front wig bring aesthetic effect to users, it’s also really convenient to use with the modernized features which allow users to wear even when they enjoy their outdoor activities.

In spite of its convenience, it is basically to get a grasp of lace front wig before you install it in your hair to avoid unexpected circumstances. And in this article, we bring you with an overview of lace front wig. Let figure it out below. 

What is lace front wig?

Lace wig can be simply understood as tying the hair strands onto a lace, then make it into a wig. There are 3 types of lace wig, namely front lace wig, full lace wig and 360 lace wig. However, in this article, we will dwell on lace front wig since it’s more common.  


As its name clarifies, lace front wig is the type with the lace in the front half of the wig. This allows users to part their hair in the way they like. 

02 Lace Front Wig

The great benefits of using lace front wig

Whether the wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair, through the modern techniques and advances in wig making methods, today lace front wigs look as natural as real hair.  For those who are not blessed with a shiny and beautiful hair, they seek to use lace front wigs to cover their real hair state. Many people use lace front wig to hide their baldness and other skin conditions so that they can be more confident when going out. Besides, women, especially beauty followers see lace front wig as a fashion accessory. They often wear it to play up their beauty by styling the wig while giving some time off to their real hair.

How to wear a lace front wig?

There are normally two ways of wearing lace front wigs, both of which are easy to do.

Wearing a lace front wig with glue

03 Lace Front Wig

Firstly, make sure that your hair and scalp is clean and oil-free. Then, use a brush to evenly apply a coat of lace front glue to your front hairline. Once the glue dries, its color will disappear. At this point, we will attach the lace front wig to the area with glue by pressing and holding it for about 10 seconds. Remember not to stick your lace front wig if the glue is still white.


Wearing a lace front wig without glue

Step 1: Hiding your natural hair

You can either braid or pull your hair back. Make sure that your hair is flat and smooth. Then, secure the wig grip comfortably in place.

Step 2: Wearing the lace front wig

Instead of using glue, you can wear your lace front wig with clips or elastic bands. Today, lace front wigs often attached with some clips or combs inside. You will just need to put your lace front wig carefully on your head. Then, use the clips or combs to secure your wig.

04 Lace Front Wig

In case your wig is a little bigger than your head, you can use elastic bands to make it fit your head. Sew the elastic band horizontally across the back of the wig in your nape area.

Step 3: Pulling out some baby hair to make your wig look more natural. And boom! You are done.

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05 Lace Front Wig

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Overall, lace front wig is now really popular and beneficial. If you want to change your look within a short time, just try to use lace front wig. We hope that this article bring you with valuable information. Thank you for reading.


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