Latest short hairstyles trends for 2020

01 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

While long hairstyles bring you a charming and elegant look, short hairstyles make you look cool and trendy. 2019 is a year that many short hairstyles appear. It seems that short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular these years. You can choose one in many different kinds of hairstyles. Let’s take a look at the following pictures and prepare for your next big hair move in 2020.

Brown A-line Bob with side parting

Add lots of shorter layers to the back of your head and a smattering of highlights throughout. Tuck one section behind your ear and leave your long, sweeping fringe to fall across your face perfectly. This haircut stands out for its extravagance and can hide certain face flaws and emphasize the merits of appearance. Even round and square faces with clearly pronounced cheekbones ( which are a real headache when it comes to finding appropriate hairstyles) will only benefit from this choice.

In 2020, why don’t you try this hairstyle with some outstanding colors? You will take spotlight everywhere you go with different variants of this hairstyle.

02 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Pastel pink and purple

03 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Swept back bob with highlights

Blonde and brown bob with beachy waves

The more layers you have, the better curved silhouette. Start from the top and be sure to loosely curl. Pull your fingers through your hair to create a more relaxed curl.

04 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Boyish Pixie haircut

If you’re in team ‘’short hair, don’t care”, this boyish hairstyle is the choice for you. You can wear this with side-parted bang around the face for a “borrowed from the boys” or tomboy look.

This style will show off your face and works great for many different face shapes. This style actually works very well on medium to pretty thick hair.

05 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Shaggy pixie

If you have naturally wavy hair and find yourself asking “ should I get a pixie cut?” – this is your answer. Pixie haircuts are a hot item for woman who can pull off these charming styles.

Super short shag

This is a sweet, edgy and feminine pixie. We have the contrast between the short hair on the sides and the long wavy hair on top.

07 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

We recommend this look for stylish woman. It’s perfect for the busy mom as well. It’s an easy, no fussy style, especially if you have a cool wavy texture. This is a hairstyle that lets you play with your own texture. This look will work well with a petite, slimmer face.

Shaved Undercut

An undercut does not just have to be in the back, it can also be used as a fun detail to accent your face on the side. You can brush over it when you become tired of it or want to let it grow out. This short section will work well on chin-length to long hair—just make sure you have enough length to cover it up. A look like this would be best suited for those with thick hair.

08 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Platinum shaved undercut

Well, not every lady would dare get a shaved temple. However, on second thought, if you are ready to add an extra edge to your look, it will make a real statement.

09 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Smoky lavender undercut

Swept-back brown crop

This incredibly creative short hairstyle has a shaved, short layer at the bottom of the head. The top layer is left longer and falling into sweeping fringe. The top layer is swept back to perfection. Consequently creating a wonderful and relaxed finish.

10 Latest Short Hairstyles Trends For 2020

Metallic short and choppy pixie

This look is playful, while the color is inspired by modern trends in steels and metallics. Not everyone can pull off short looks and keep it feminine. Choose soft shapes if you have strong features. Be prepared to style your hair daily and really invest in products to maintain style and color.

Chic short soft blonde bob with bangs

For fine – medium textured hair, this short bob hairstyle is both youthful and flattering to heart-shaped face shape. The cut includes plenty of layers, to create extra texture and volume and the cute side-swept fringe is so romantic and fresh.

This feminine short hairstyle is a good choice to soften facial features and it’s suitable for women of any age, too!

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