Mastering the secrets of caring synthetic hair extensions 2020

01 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions have made a bloom with a lot of advancements to look more natural in recent years. However, unlike human hair, the characteristics of synthetic hair make it hard to take care of. If you use synthetic hair extensions frequently, it’s important to master the key methods to take care of the hair. By this way, you can use your extensions longer and save some amount of money.

Washing your synthetic hair extensions

You should wash your hair extension after several uses to remove the dirt and take back its vibrant look. Don’t wash it too frequently as it will affect the hair.

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Things you need to prepare

Cool water

Mild shampoo

Detangling conditioner or leave-in conditioner


Wide tooth comb

How to wash your synthetic hair extensions?

Firstly, carefully detangle your hair extensions using a wide tooth comb. Remember not to pull or drag the hair strands. After that, fill in a bowl with cool water and mix with a capful of mild shampoo. Then, immerse your wig into the water and soak it up for some minutes.

Take your synthetic hair extension from the shampoo and rinse it thoroughly in cool water to completely remove the shampoo. Make sure not to wring or squeeze the hair. After that, take some detangling or leave-in conditioner and apply directly on the synthetic hair. Leave it for about 4-5 minutes and rinse it in fresh cool water again to clean the conditioner.

02 Synthetic Hair Extensions

Place the synthetic hair into a towel and pat dry it lightly. Next, remove the towel and let your hair air dry. There are some synthetic hair extensions allow the certain level of heat, but it’s better to hang the hair on a folding stand to air dry. Air dry the hair will keep it in the original shape. If you use hairdryer, make sure to turn on the lowest level.

After the synthetic hair dries, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to gently comb the hair to regain its style.

You can apply the method for synthetic hair extensions for braids, but remember to put more focus on the scalp than the braids. 

How to deal with frizzy and tangled synthetic hair extensions?

Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair extension often lacks moisture. It is also easy to be frizzy and static without proper care. Therefore, you should set aside your time to tend your synthetic hair.

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Normal moisturizing cream or conditioner make little change to synthetic hair as the plastic fibers barely absorb it. Hence, in order to add moisture to the synthetic hair, you should use detangling spray or conditioner. This will prevent your hair from tangling and losing its texture.
03 Synthetic Hair Extensions

How about frizzy hair that annoys you? There is a simple way to deal with it with a familiar item in your house, fabric softener. Using fabric softener on synthetic hair can revive it and keep the fibers away from frizzy and static state. What you need to do are mixing the ratio of 1:1 fabric softener and cool water in a spray bottle. Then, shake the bottle for the ingredients to mix well with each other and spray it on your hair. Now you can see your synthetic hair look like a new one.

APO’s human hair extensions 

Human Hair Extensions

It takes some effort to maintain synthetic hair extensions. Hence, if you want something simpler, human hair extensions will be a better choice. Although human hair may a bit higher in price, it’s versatile and requires low maintenance. And here at APO’s store, we offer high quality human hair extensions that conquer many difficult markets in the world. Using APO’s human hair extension, you will totally satisfy with the product quality and customer support. Let check it out now.

We hope that this article equips you with some valuable knowledge to use synthetic hair extensions. Please keep supporting us by following our blog. Thank you for reading.


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