Medium Hairstyles & Haircuts for 2018


Because of the length’s versatility, shoulder length hairstyles are a wise choice in 2018. This hair style is from the mid-neck line to just past the shoulders. Hence, it’s believed to provide many of styling options like waves, ponytails, wearing your hair down with layers, braids, or curls. For formal occasion, you can still put your hair into a beautiful updo. Below are some of the best looks for shoulder length hair as inspiration for your next to do.


Medium length hair is versatile to make a large number of styles for women with all hair types including women of all ages, having thick or thin hair. Because of the feature that is not too long or too short, owing shoulder length hair, girls can be freely creative to do with their hair, following many cute style options at this length. Bob is one typical style for mid- length. It can also be shags, long lob, straight tresses, messy layers and curls. Comparing with long hair, this medium length hair can give you styling options which are available and easy to maintain. Adorable updos, coloring like ombre and braided ponytails perfectly fit with mid-length hair. Some techniques which may not work on shorter cuts like longer hair or pixies, are just right for shoulder length haircuts.

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Medium length hair with a preferable hairstyle is awesome. It’s short enough for to not to need a big amount of time to plan your hair routine for a night out; or long enough to put up. Everyone can try several modern, classic, funky and flirty looks. Then you can select your favorite as well as your best hair styling among super cute hairstyles.

With a twist, this look is a half up half down! It is really lovable because of its simplicity but still formalness. The half up half down still gives you mobility when dancing, but it is still formal and nice enough for the ceremony.

Do you have any advice for that? For someone who is trying to achieve this look, it’s recommended making sure you have mini hair bands, bobby pins, and hairspray! These three items will help keep your style in the way you really want. This look can also go either with curly or straight hair, and it’s very interchangeable!

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This simple hairstyle is both suitable with Eastern and Western girls; also it brings an elegant look for ladies. Some hair stylists also love using this style for their stars because of its simplicity but subtlety.  If your hair isn’t long enough to make this style, let use hair extensions instead. It can add the length and volume of your hair as well. Remember to choose hair extensions which are made from natural hair to have best quality and have same color with your human hair.

With a shoulder-length haircut, thick bangs can look heavy. That’s the reason why you can choose for yourself soft and fluttery bangs with the graduated layers framing your face for making new total new and fresh look.


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