To fashion fan, fashion week is the event they can not miss. In the fashion week, we can see not only beautiful collections but also unique fashion trend. It is also the chance for many famous celebrities to show their beauty through their glamorous outfits and hairstyle. To boost celebrities’ look, one of effective factors is hairstyle which is supported by hair extensions. In the last posts, we have introduced many celebrities’ fabulous hairstyles in New York Fashion Week. This time, let’s see how amazing they are with hairstyles in Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019.

Cindy Crawford with medium wavy hairstyle


At Milan Fashion Week, the Green carpet event on Sunday, 23rd of September attracted many celebrities, including Cindy Crawford. The OG supermodel appeared and attracted people’s attention with her green with envy dress and medium wavy hairstyle. She looked so gorgeous with this style.

Cardi B with short bob hairstyle

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Cardi B’s style was so unique in the Dolce & Gabbana show on Sunday, September 23. She looked outstanding and different from other celebrities with the head-to-toe animal-print creation. This look actually went well with her short bob hairstyle.

Cate Blanchett with blonde wavy bob hairstyle

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Cate Blanchett showed to people how elegant she is by her look at the Giorgio Armani show on Sunday, September 23. The outfit is the combination of black and white brought to her aristocratic appearance. She chose the blonde wavy bob hairstyle which framed her face shape well and contributed to enhance her look.

Julianne Moore with center-parted straight hairstyle

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Julianne Moore appeared at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia on Sunday, September 23 in in a purple Salvatore Ferragamo gown. Her stunning look was enhanced by not only her amazing dress but also her center-parted straight hair. It made her look both elegant and cheerful.

Sara Sampaio with top knot hairstyle

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The Sports Illustrated model showed off her young and active look in the outstanding outfit. She attracted people’s attention by her combination of a teeny tiny black crop top, jeans and white sneakers. Her top knot hairstyle also contributed to boost her active street style.

Ashlee Simpson with low ponytail hairstyle

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Ashlee Simpson looked so stunning in a shimmering floor-length gown at the Missoni show on Saturday, September 22. The combination of beautiful dress and the low ponytail hairstyle brought to her elegance. Low pony is a very simple hairstyle. Therefore, if you are interested in this style, you can try it at home. Do not worry if your hair is short and thin, you can apply hair extensions for help.

Above are 6 celebrities with different hairstyles. They all look amazing with their beautiful outfit and perfect hairstyles. If you love these look, do not hesitate to try them out. Hair extensions are always ready to help you solve hair issues such as hair length, hair volume and so on. If you are still wondering in choosing hair extensions brand, you can try Apohair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. This is from Vietnam; therefore, all extensions products are 100% natural Vietnamese hair. The products have variety of hair types such as tape hair, clip in hair, etc. and hair length from 8 inches to 24 inches hair extensions. With Apohair, you can complete your hair beauty by the suitable hair extensions.


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