Must-follow tips on how to style a synthetic wig

01 How To Style A Wig

Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wigs are quite easy to use as it’s often pre-styled. Users can apply it on their head once they take it out of the package. And since the pre-styling is formed on the synthetic fibers, even after washing, it won’t lose the shape. However, to have a synthetic wig with the best look, it’s better to follow the below tips and tricks on how to style a wig.

Never style and comb a wet wig

After you wash your synthetic wig, let it air dry before you apply any styling. It must at least almost dry when you comb it with a specially designed brush or comb for wigs. The weight of the water will stretch the fibers and straighten the curls, thereby ruining your wig. So, don’t try to make the pushing and pulling on your wig when it’s still damp with water.

02 How To Style A Wig

Use specialized products for wigs

With synthetic wigs, you cannot use the same shampoo and hair care products you are using for your hair. The reason is that synthetic fibers cannot absorb the nutrients in human hair care products while the styling ones will dry out the fibers and damage your synthetic wig eventually. Accordingly, do invest in specially formulated wig styling products to maintain the fibers. Wig spray or volumizing mousse are smart options for keeping your style in place.

03 How To Style A Wig

To apply the mousse on your wig, you need to work it through the dry styles and then brush the hair lightly to make a soft hold. If you have a curly wig, let take some mousse on your hands and gently apply it to your wig to define the curls.

With wig spray, you will start spraying from the back of your wig and move forward. Make sure you keep the spray 12 inches from your head to prevent the wig from overly saturated. The mist should cover the entire wig, and then you can wait a few minutes for the style to set.

Say “No” to heat

Heat styling tools like curling irons, blow dryers cannot appear in your list as the heat will just melt or burn the fibers and damage your wig. Even for those with a “heat-friendly” label, it’s not suggested to apply frequent and excessive heat into the strands. If you want to straighten your synthetic wig, a handheld steamer will be a great choice. For those who want to transform their straight wigs with the bouncy long locks, let make use of the hair rollers and boil them for a defined curly pattern.

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04 How To Style A Wig

Make use of chin-strap while styling

Using a chin-strap for styling will help you to free both of your hands without worrying about the wig sliding down. Furthermore, keeping your wig on while styling will help you to see how your face and wig look like to take good control of your style.

If you don’t want to wear the wig on for the styling process, let place it in your wig mannequin instead. In this way, you can see all sides of your wig and comb the back easily. Remember to use some T-pins to keep your wig in place while cutting or styling.

05 How To Style A Wig

Add some accessories

Your synthetic wig will look more special with some accessories like a scarf or headband. Personalizing your style with these items will also brighten your face with colors. Plus, this is a way to secure the wig on your head. So, no more worry if you go out with your wig on a strong windy day.

06 How To Style A Wig

Restore the original look

To take back the original style of your wig, you should wash it with cool water and condition it with specialized shampoo and conditioner for wigs. Then, let it dry naturally to allow the fibers to return to its state. Make sure you use your fingers or a wig comb to brush out the knots before you start cleaning the wig.

07 How To Style A Wig

With the above 6 tips on how to style a synthetic wig, we hope that you can obtain a marvelous look with your wig and enjoy every moment with it. Thank you for reading.


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