The new gadget for hair that can make any hairstyles for you


The new gadget for hair that can make any hairstyles for you


Hair is important to everyone. Needless to say its physical function to our body like cover and protect our scalp, it also makes us look more beautiful, especially to women.


It is so useful for girls. (Internet)

Hair machines are invented more and more in the hope to help people make as more hairstyles as they want. However, all the old gadget will be uncomplete when the new one from Dyson Airwrap is released.

Little do hair styling machines surprise people who love their hair. But, with this one, it is completely a different story.

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Isn’t that mesmerizing?( Internet)

This gadget is not purely a hair curler, it is multifunctional hair styling machine which can help you to straighten, curl and volumize your hair. It is also perfectly used as a hair dryer.

What makes this tool so special and exclusive to other kinds of machine is that it runs thanks to the jets of air. All the knots or tangles or something like that will be solved by air which is undoubtably good for your health.

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It’s magic!(Internet)

Its function is inspired by the  the Coanda effect which uses the air is pushed at a right speed and pressure and then flows into an adjacent surface in a natural way.

This principle helps the hair to wrap around the barrel of the machine and then create the curls and waves shape of hair.

Ok, it’s fine if you don’t know much about science and not a big fan of it. You still find the way it so mesmerizing watching it doing with your hair. It is so easy to use and one more thing is that it can dry uyour hair while you style the hair.

It is very time-saving, isn’t it?

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It’s not a singular gadget, it’s a combo!(Internet)

Plus, the styling machine also comes up with many other attachments such as combs, brushes and pre-styling dryer. This is like a combo which just makes it so much easier for you to style your hair.

The new gadget product from Dyson Airwrap seems to be the perfect gift for girls these days. If you still have no idea what to give your girlfriend this Christmas, try this one and you’ll see how it works.


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