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Ocean wave crochet hair – Why should you give it a try?

01 Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

Beauty followers in general and artificial hair lovers in particular now craze for a type of crochet hair which brings them a total brand-new and gorgeous look without much effort, ocean wave crochet hair. Maybe you are wondering why this type of weft hair can be popular like that. Today, we will help you to find out more about this type of hair and why it has made such a bloom in the market.

What is ocean wave crochet hair?

Ocean wave crochet hair is a marvelous type of weft hair used for styling crochet braid hairstyle with the beautiful curls look like the ocean waves. There are many famous brands of ocean wave crochet hair. However, in this article we will mention Kima ocean wave crochet hair because of its popularity in the market and to bring you a good example.

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05 Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

The great things about Kima ocean wave crochet hair

Kima ocean wave crochet hair is synthetic hair braids which is made from the premium blend of Kanekalon and Toyokalon fibers. Thanks to this feature, it’s really soft and silky to the touch and totally non-flammable. Moreover, Kima braid ocean wave crochet hair is versatile and works perfectly with crochet braid hairstyle. The curls are carefully styled to look pop and make the hair radiate its beauty. And because it is made for styling crochet hairstyle, it’s really easy for braiding. Even if you’re a newcomer with crochet braids, you won’t find it complicated to do.

02 Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

More importantly, although Kima ocean wave crochet hair is made from synthetic fibers, there are up to 26 color options to meet the customers’ demand. The manufacturers of Kima ocean wave crochet hair has put a lot of efforts in searching and finding the best way to diverse the color options for the fiber hair while remaining the quality of the hair texture. Even ombre or piano color is available. It might be hard to do the same thing with so many other fiber hair sold in the market now.

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How to style Kima ocean wave crochet hair?

The first thing to do is cleaning your weft hair before you install it into your head. After you fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water, you need to add a little mild shampoo and gently swish it. Next, shake the hair out, but be careful not to brush when it is wet, and then let it drip dry. Rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove the shampoo. Remember not to use curling iron or curling kits for the hair to avoid damage. You don’t need to shape the curls again. Just wait for it to dry as the curls will snap back into position once the hair is completely dry.

03 Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

After you have done with the cleaning process, you can start to style your ocean wave hair to the one you like. Kima ocean wave crochet hair is often associated with crochet braids, but you are free to be creative and make your own unique style. Don’t hesitate to try.

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How to maintain Kima ocean wave crochet hair?

Normally, users can keep the crochet braid for about 4 weeks, which is considered quite a long time. You might think it will need a lot of maintenance, but in fact, it does not require much. This is really a great news to busy people.

04 Ocean Wave Crochet Hair

To keep the crochet hair in the best state, you should apply moisture oil and spray three to four times a week to shine up the hair. Besides, it’s better to tie your hair in a bun and use a headscarf to wrap the bun before you go to sleep. So, in the next morning, you will be ready to go out with your beautiful crochet hair.

We hope that this article is useful to you when choosing hair to style your crochet braid. Please keep following our blog for more tips and updates. Thank you for reading.



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