On the look for your next wig? Here’s how to pick out the right type of hair for your wigs

2 Wig Types

The market is flooded with all types of wig and wig material and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. People nowadays have more and more options than ever before and the wig products itself have been experiencing certain forms of innovations in the past decade. If you are pondering buying wigs for yourself or actually making one, be prepared to ask your supplier the right questions. Knowing all the types of hair and their appropriate use may actually make or break your wig project. Just know where your hair comes from and their natural attribute would help you plan your project accordingly. Today we are going through all types of hair that are commonly used to make wigs.

Main types of hair material and the corresponding wig types

Synthetic Hair

1 Wig Types

Synthetic hair has so many variations and is usually made from polymers. Synthetic hair can really vary in price and quality. Cheaper types can appear plasticky and/or fake while more expensive types look much more convincing and can look almost like your real human hair. One aspect of synthetic hair that you will have to eventually face up to is that you can’t really do much tinkering and styling with it. This limited ability to style your synthetic wig is one of the main reasons people may choose to purchase one. Since they are so cheap, I recommend them to people on a tight budget or have a strong desire for constant make-overs.

Human Hair

This type of hair offers the most natural looks and texture. They are almost identical to our bio hair after all. Within human hair, there would be Remy hair and non-Remy hair. These types have their differences in price and durability so you should know the difference as well. Human hair is a much more expensive material and should be used for daily life wear or events that you want to appear classy and elegant. Unlike synthetic hair who retains its original styling attribute, human hair leave the styling and maintenance up to you. More freedom also means more responsibilities. If you want to get your hands dirty and gain some experience, you can start making your very own red lace front wig from this APO’s tutorials. That is how I get my feet wet and gain a deep appreciation for the material I’m working with.

 0 Wig TypesVirgin Hair

Virgin hair is the highest quality Remy human hair available on the market. Usually, virgin hair is sourced from up to three donors with similar attributes. This type of hair is untouched as no amount of dyeing, bleaching, or any form of heat treatment has been done. Virgin hair is famous for its quality and durability and it should be perfectly suitable to be styled as all human hair. As a type of Remy hair, virgin hair is less prone to tangle as their cuticle are intact and run in the same directions.

Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair

Since synthetic hair is vast and comes from all kinds of material. Some form of synthetic hair can withstand heat treatment contrary to popular belief. How you go about styling these units depends on how well you know how to style a wig. Educate yourself by talking to your supplier as well check out some of my tutorial. Even tho these types of hair seems to combine the best of both world. There is one issue we can not pass up. These hair items can only be used for 2 to 3 months maximum.

Different clients call for different types of hair

3 Wig Types

If your clients do love to make changes to their whole looks very often, I would suggest you synthetic hair cause the price point for each item is so sweet. Synthetic hair also works perfectly for short to mid-length types of wigs. If your clients are somebody who loves a wig that lasts for a long period of time and love changing the styling of her hair from day to day, I would say human hair wig types becomes the obvious choice. The way human hair wigs move and shift about daily will also make this type the clear winner if the clients want something convincing and undetectable.

Your hair and where you source them from would be at the heart of the matter for the end results to satisfy you or your clients. Be prepared to research your potential supplier throughout before you start ordering any hair material. I hope what I have written down here is sufficient for you to fabricate for your next project. You should also check out the Galaxy bundles from APOstore as they are my tried and trued Remy human hair supplier if Remy human hair is what you are after. For synthetic hair and the likes, that will be the topic for another time.


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