Lob hair is one of the never out of trend styles. You can wear medium length hair styles in differences, in a combination of any shapes and styles including from straight to curly or wavy. Medium length hair styles are furthermore adequately long to go in a bun or updos, without your beautician endeavoring to work out.

Medium hair styles contrast from geometric shapes and portrayed lines, and we give these hair look including face shape and hair surface to empower your new look. You may find the perfect medium haircut that will look the best with your natural figure. How about we investigate these exceptional easygoing hairdos and may you will get on one.

Full of bouncy wavy


Uniform layers are cut to create on this characteristic look. The wavy and the dark shade is the volume and body of the waves included everywhere. This hairdo is impeccable to outline a disappointed look and simple to re-make with the correct devices. Item is required for sparkle and hold and standard trims will help get rid of split ends. This is somehow considered as a formal casual style. You can wear this on work or just one day hang out with friends. It combines perfect with thick hair and need more effort to style. You may take a little long time to get on this style. However, the looks’ outcome is your most worthy ever.

Blunt bang with wavy

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To create this style, you can add some layers to your medium length. To support the layers, you can try on some hair extensions for voluminous look. Blunt bang are smoothed down to outline the face which indicates how adaptable this style can be. This is most appropriate for those searching for a fun new style. This style is ideal way to create an attractive appearance for long shape. You can wear on any cases, from work or to hang out and get some drink with your friends. Just have great time with these beautiful look. This style may take some time to get done. To get them stay in place, all you need is hair spray and some smooth treat.

Get your side bang

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A blend of side bang to medium or long layers cut around the sides are the most ideal cut for oval, diamond or even square face shape. This way of bang supports the bob of the waves which include volume and beautiful end. This style makes it most appropriate for those searching for an interesting style to change. This characterized hairdo is also ideal for any special event. To keep the wavy style for long, getting some Hair spray, Mousse or Wax is in need. To apply these products, you can use your fingers to slowly apply around the wavy volumes.

Wavy styles are loved by many ladies because of its casual yet fabulous looks. You can try on the wonderful of voluminous styles just by a few steps. APOHAIR are providing a lot of wavy hair extensions that can help you achieve this trendy wavy styles. Our hair extensions are natural hair extensions that easy to apply and remain, just like your own hair. Let’s find out more about our hair products in the website.


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