Recommended beautiful hairstyles in 2018

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For the 2018 hair trend, there are some beautiful styles from famous celeb you can choose for you before going out, enjoying life with your friends in a fashionable way. Let’s see what they are:

Dye blue color


For the standing out appearance, blue hair color can be your best choice for 2018 hair trend. You can be easily recognized in a crowd with that dynamic beautiful hair color without mistaking by anyone around

Keep The Curls

Curly and texture hair is one of the best regards for 2017 and now in 2018, it continues to be prominent with bigger and better curls. This is the year for curly girls to show up their new modern hairstyles.

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Some celeb hairstylists give some useful advice that you shouldn’t brush too much your textured hair (you can use your fingers instead) if you want to have beautiful curl patterns. If not, you want an undefined look; just free it out without thinking much about your patterns.

Dye Blonde hair

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A young fresh blonde color is chosen and loved a lot by many famous stars like Selena or Lily Collins. However, it’s not all blonde because there’s still the dark root combining with a warm golden blonde. Somehow it seems like the white color but it still includes the yellow tone, bringing the warmer feeling than the new all platinum

The bouncy hair which was hot and beloved early 80s disco vibe and turns back to dominant the hair fashion. It brings the feeling of being uncool, glossy and glamorous with a healthy hair look. It’s the symbol a very natural beauty hair heritage to be preserved and follow as well


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One of the best hair accessories is the headscarf. It looks like the retro beauty of 40s landmine vibe. One of UK hair Ambassador has said that if you wear the flat scarf around the head with a low chignon and even embrace the flyaway texture, you can keep your image be young and cool

Wet look

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The wet look is not too strange but there’s some innovation from that look. Your wet hair can be set free and given an injection of texture. It seems to be looser and less formed for this year trend than it used to be in 2017, creating the broad-minded beauty. Even you can have your own wavy hair with that wet look version which is softer and less harsh than poker with a straight finish


Scrunchies are officially coming back from the 90s. You can have ponytails tied loosely, which still keep the modern look but not too retro. It seems to be a simple style showing the hair smooth with only a scrunchie as the most outstanding feature on your hair. Also, you can choose some plain hair colors such as brown or black to keep the natural beauty of this hairstyle

Those are trendy and can bring the charming beauty for girls having these styles. Moreover, you also change your sell thanks to hair extensions- one of the best useful hair tool changing your styles magically within minutes.

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