Refresh yourself with a full lace wig

Vietnamese Hair Refresh Full Lace Wig 1
Vietnamese Hair Refresh Full Lace Wig 1

Today, full lace wig is not a strange concept with everyone. In contrast, it’s very familiar with women, especially in Africa. When you do not own a nice Vietnamese hair naturally or get some medical problem, full lace wig will be the best choice to cover it. Now, there are many types of wigs in the market for you to choose with various textures and colors. A full lace wig can be made from synthetic hair or human hair with density of 130% to 180%. It depends on your demand to choose a suitable one for yourself.

Vietnamese Hair Refresh Full Lace Wig 1

 In APO Hair, there are three main types of textures: Straight, Wavy and Curly. For straight hair, it is the natural Vietnamese hair texture which is very silky and smooth. The hair has natural black color and is made from 100% human remy hair with full cuticle. The hair is availale in sizes from 14 inches to 32 inches.

For wavy and curly hair, the curls are made by hot steamed from the most strong natural straight hair to make sure that the hair is not broken after processing. The curls can last for a long time, even after washing. Like natural straight wig, wavy and curly wig also has multiple sizes.

Vietnamese Hair Refresh Full Lace Wig 2

To has a perfect wig, you have to select a right one which is suitable with your face, your skin tone and your body and the most important thing is that it had to fit your head to ensure the comfortable when using as your natural Vietnamese hair.

Beside, to help the wigs last longer, you should have a proper care. There are some things you need to notice:

  • Do not brush the hair too much, you no need to comb it everyday. And when brushing, you must be gentle.
  • When you stay at home, take it off and put on the stand to help keep the wig’s shape.

Vietnamese Hair Refresh Full Lace Wig 3

  • Be careful when dry the hair with a towel after washing. You should dry it piece by piece to make sure that the strands are not felt off. In addition, do not style your wig when it;s still wet because it can damage your hair significantly.
  • Only wash the wig after 20 times of using. Washing too much can cause the Vietnamese hair tangle, falling apart and look less realistic. And remember to use conditioner after washing to keep it shiny and soft.


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