Shining with Apohair’s 10 inches double drawn weft

01 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft
01 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

In the modern life, hair extensions is becoming a hot trend of many women. And among many hairstyle, weft hair is always be one of the very first choices. Today, 10 inches double drawn weft is the hot item that we have chosen to introduce to you.

What is 10 inches double drawn weft?

About weft hair extensions

We may hear somewhere people call this type by different names such as weave hair, machine weft hair or sew-in hair extension. To get the best understanding about 10 inch double drawn weft, it is important for you to know what the phrase “double drawn weft” exactly expresses. Weft hair describes the kind of hair extension in which the hair is weft by hands or machine. Often, each bundle weighs 100 grams. 10 inches double drawn weft is weft hair which is 10 inches in length. This is a medium hair length that has recently been favored by lots of customers around the world. We will never deny the beauty that weft hair brings us. The beauty of this hair extension mainly lies in how undetectable it is when being installed on our head. Double drawn here is the standard we are making for this hair extensions. Weft hair extensions is easy to apply. It takes a little time for users to use and therefore you can save time for other activities. 

02 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

About double drawn weft hair

Double drawn weft is the highest standard for hair extensions in Apohair’s collection. Actually, we have four different grades for our bulk hair and weft hair products. They are single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2. The difference among those standard is expressed through the thickness in the end of each hair bundle. Single drawn weft products are made with about 50% of short hair inside whereas double drawn weft owns almost all same-length strands in the same bundle.

03 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

What are the main features of 10 inches double drawn weft?

Best quality

Double drawn weft is made of 100% virgin human hair. In this aspect, you can completely make sure that you are choosing the right hair products. Virgin hair is so strong. It enables you to changes any hairstyles or hair colors you want. In addition to that, the hair is natural. It brings you the feeling like the hair extensions is you real hair, really comfortable. There is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any of our hair products. As a result, you do not need to worry that your own hair may get bad effects from hair extensions. Apohair always wants to provide customers with the hair of best quality.

04 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

Various textures

No one can deny that hair texture is a very key factor for a hairstyles. When a person would like to try on a new hair, what they do first is finding a new hair texture. With 10 inch double drawn sew-in hair extensions, there are lots of selection for you. We have:

  • Straight hair: natural straight hair, kinky straight hair, yaki straight hair
  • Curly hair: kinky curly, fumi curly, deep curly, loose curly, romantic curly
  • Wavy hair: natural wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, fumi wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy

05 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

Different hair colors

You might think that you will be limited when choosing hair colors for your 10 inch double drawn weft hair extensions. If you keep that idea in mind, you are false. Hair colors for 10 inch double drawn weft are so various. Many years ago, our workers only focus on some basic dark shades including black and dark brown color. Gradually, we search for the market’s demand and design some lighter shades. We keep on providing weft hair with the most popular colors in the hair market nowadays, for example light brown and blonde hair. Besides, we have red, ombre color and mix color. All are really attractive, creating a very new appearance for users.

06 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

What should you pay attention when wearing weave hair?

Please consider weave hair like your natural hair and take a good care of it. It is the best way for you to keep 10 inch double drawn weft for many other times using. Right now, we will give you some advice to maintain the best weft hair extensions.

  • Firstly, in case you find out that your 10 inch of hair begins to dry, you could apply oils for hair. We highly recommend that you should look for some natural oils as they are going to good for our hair. It can be coconut oil, olive oils, argan oil or lavender oil.
  • Secondly, it is necessary for you to massage your hair regularly. You can massage in oils or during the day. It will let your blood flow easier and make your natural hair stronger.
  • Thirdly, please remember to wash it like you wash your own hair. You should use your favorite shampoo on the 10 inch double drawn weft to get familiar with new hair.

07 10 Inches Double Drawn Weft

Other information of hair products in Apohair

If it is not weft hair extensions, then you have many other choices for a different hairstyle. They are tape hair extensions, bulk hair, clip in hair, and tip hair. Also, lace closure, lace frontal and lace wigs hair are available. 10 inches is not the only hair length for a weft hair product. Hair length varies from 6 inches to 32 inches so you can choose any among short hair, medium hair or long hair. To use weft hair extensions, the most common way is that you need to sew a line of hair from one side of an ear to the other. Then, the next process is to sew the weft hair into that line of real hair. This method is quite tight and therefore, the hair is not easy to fall out.

10 inch of double drawn weft hair in Apohair is really gorgeous. It’s high time you came with us and took the most beautiful items of 10 inch double drawn weft. For more information of any hair products, please contact us directly. We are ready and happy to help all of you.

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