Short brown wig – What you need for a cool summer

01 Short Brown Wig

It is not a coincidence that short brown wig has never stopped to conquer the heart of women of all ages. Especially in the hot summer days, wearing a short brown wig will make you look younger and full of energy. If you haven’t had short brown wig in your short wig collection, let check our article. You will see why you should have one for this summer.

The great benefits of short brown wig

If you are a newcomer to wigs and have never tried a short haircut, you may wonder if you can suit short brown wig. Don’t be worried. Brown is one of the most popular hair dye colors. It totally suits people of all ages, gender and occupation. It can go with you throughout your week, from work to gym, to a party or an outdoor event.

Regardless of your hair’s length, you can still slay with short brown wig. Remember to hide all of your natural hair and choose a wig with a suitable size to cover all of your natural hair.

02 Short Brown Wig

Besides, short brown wig is a must-have item of the summer as it brings the image of a young and dynamic woman. With the short wig, you can also show off the natural beauty on your face.

Female cosplayers especially love short brown cosplay wig since it can help them transform into their favorite male character from an anime easily.

For those who want to cover the real state of their natural hair, a short brown hair wig will be a great choice. If your hair is currently under the damage from heat and chemical exposure, using this wig will help your hair some time to breathe and recover. You enjoy your summer vacation, and your hair, too.

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How to take care of short brown hair wig?

Just like other types of wig, it’s important to take good care of short brown wig to make it last longer and always in a good state for you to wear and go out any time. Although it’s much easier to wash and maintain short hair wig, there are still some points you should keep in mind.

03 Short Brown Wig

– If you wear the short brown hair wig on a daily basis, you should wash it twice a month. If you use it less frequently, wash it once a month.

– Make sure you use the right shampoo, conditioner and other wig care products that are specially designed for wigs. Normal products may barely work with wigs.

– If you have a short brown curly wig, you should add moisture to it more often than the straight one. Short brown curly wig is drier and more vulnerable to damage. Leave-in conditioner and moisturizing cream are recommended. Also, make sure to comb your curly wig while it’s still wet with a wide-tooth comb so as not to affect the curly pattern.

04 Short Brown Wig

– Remember to take your short brown wig out before you head to sleep. You won’t want to see a mess in your head the next morning.

– Always put your wig in the wig stand or mannequin. Although short hair wig is not prone to tangle like the long one, it still needs to be stored carefully to not harm the hair strands.

– Whether you are using a synthetic short brown wig or a human hair one, it’s better not to apply heat on the hair. If your wig is wet and you are in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer at cooling mode or lowest heat level. But don’t do it often.

Synthetic hair or human hair?

Although synthetic wig may be cheaper, you should use human hair or remy human hair for your short brown wig. It’s more long-lasting and versatile. You can adjust the texture of the wig to refresh your style.

At APO’s store, we offer excellent quality wigs from human hair. Let check our website to see our collections of wigs and other premium hair extensions.

Short brown wig is a marvelous choice to change your style and a smart gift to your beloved ones. We hope that this article brings you with all the info you want for ordering a short brown wig for yourself. Thank you for reading.


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