Short Hairstyle Ideas from Celebrities

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You’re about to get a haircut and look for an on-trend hairstyle? This post is for you to get more short hair ideas from Hollywood celebrities.  If you are still thinking that there’s not many style for short hair, after this post you will change your mind. Keep scrolling to have ideas and get amazed.


  1. Layered Bob

Former Victoria Secret’s Model Karlie Kloss’s casual layered bob is super gorgeous and lovely. Her wavy hair and side fringes make her beautiful face more attractive. This style of bob, which is shorter than chin length is very suitable for those who possess heart-shaped face. Karlie Kloss’s glossy and messy hair is a dream style off many girls.

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  1. Messy Hairdo

This messy wavy hair when is being combine with side fringe looks wonderful. It helps to draw attention to Julianne Hough’s face. To get a perfect look like her in this picture, you can use clip in hair as fringe if you want a temporary one. Her blonde and messy hair makes her look very trendy and fashionable. You will never regret when you’re going to have a modern short hair style like this.

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  1. Curly Bob

This style of curly hair will give you a new and strange look as it helps Jenifer Lawrence look very attractive and modern. Her blonde locks helps to add volume to her short hair. You will have a very young and fashionable when you’re having this hairstyle.

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  1. Fringe

Model Bella Hadid looks very strange and stylish in this medium hair. This thick fringe gives her a modern look. When having this hairstyle, your appearance will change completely in a positive way.

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  1. Sleek Bob With Blunt Bangs

This style of medium hair from Rose Byrne, which is very chic and classy is one of our favorite looks. This retro bob hairstyle and her bangs suit her face very well. The sleek bob helps to emphasize her cheekbones and her big forehead. This style of medium hair will go along well with those who have oval-shaped face.

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  1. Side-Swept Asymmetrical Bob

Check out this style if you are looking for a trendy style of short hair. This side-Swept asymmetrical bob makes actress Marion Cotillard look stunning and stylish. Her straight hair which is swept to side helps to emphasize her slim face. Use hair straightener to have a perfect look Marion.

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