Smart styling Ideas for wet and wavy hairstyles

Wet Wavy Hair

Do you know that your hairstyle can tell a lot about your personality? For decades, the trend of wet and wavy hair is popular with not only teens but also celebrities. If there is any hairstyle out there that looks instantly gorgeous and attractive, it must be the wet and wavy hairdo. This look which is very feminine. Wet and wavy hairstyles for black hair is suitable for those who are cool and carefree in life. These styles are easy and can be done within minutes. Transform your appearance with perfect hairstyle.

Wet and Wavy Hair with Choppy Bangs

02 Wet Wavy

Choppy bangs are known as one of the best choice for girls who fall in love with mysterious look. It can be mixed with long layered lob or loose curls. If you have a short and black hair, the highlight of wet and wavy hairstyle is one of the best way to emphasize your strong personality and make you look outstanding. Believe it or not, this hairstyle will highlight woman’s feminine beauty.

Wet Curl Look for medium hair length

03 Wet Wavy

Sleek, wet hairstyles have been trending for a long time. This hairstyle is inspired by mermaid with wet hair look. In order to own this hairstyle, you should divide wet hair into four sections, and then scrunch and twist each hair section into curls. Hair spray will help to keep your hair in place. If you are interested in adorable look, you could use accessorize with fashionable hair pins. This hairdo is easy to achieve and you can wear it from day to night.

Wet and wavy short hairstyle

04 Wet Wavy

Do you think that there is still no way to create a wavy pixie cut? This style is for those who are persistent because wet and wavy pixie cuts require maintenance to keep it in shape. This hairstyle looks a bit rebellious but you can wear it all day. Instead of trying to tame them, curls can be their natural wild selves. It is one of the sexiest hairstyles for strong girl.

Celebrities with wet and wavy hairstyles

If you have black hair, you can’t miss wet and wavy hairstyle for black hair. There are a million different versions of simple but classy wet and wavy hairstyles. Today, we will take a look at three prominent celebrities having this hairdo.

Kim Kardashian

05 Wet Wavy

It can’t be denied that waves take on an entirely different feeling when they are wet. Look at this picture, Kim looks definitely sexy and attractive. This look is really feminine and attracts men so much. It will be one of most ideal hairstyle for this summer. To style this hairdo, you can apply curl-defining cream or a dime-sized amount of hair paste through your hair strands while your hair is still damp.


06 Wet Wavy

Why don’t you master the wet-hair look such as the famous singer Rihanna? This hairstyle is simple and every girl is able to achieve it. This great look which involves lot of waviness will make any beauty look even more charming. In this look, the wet curls flow down naturally and makes Rihanna look really outstanding. Your hair not only looks voluminous but also glamorous. It will be a lovely hairdo for girls who opt this style.

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How to manage your wet wavy hair?

In order to having a super-trendy wet and wavy hair, your hair need amount of gel which help the crown of hair smooth and leave your ends loose and free. Here are some kinds of gel you should know.

Ouai Haircare Rose Hair and Body Oil

This product contains Absinthium, Shea and Rosehip Oils which help to nourish and protect strands. It’s time for you to own smoothing hair and intoxicating fragrance. Let’s try this one and enjoy your gorgeous wet hair.

Unite Hair Go365 Hairspray

Are you a big fan of hair spray? By using three hair spray in one bottle, you will achieve a silky, sleek look immediately. Just turn the nozzle to your desired strength such as soft, medium or strong setting. In this look, the soft curls flow down naturally and makes you look glamourous.

The wet and wavy hairstyles for black hair is one of the sexiest hairstyles for girls who has strong personality. This style not only makes girls look stunning but also adds a good amount of volume to their hair. So, what do you think about wet and wavy hairstyle? Leave your comment below to share your ideas.


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