Stunning Hairstyles from Katy Perry


Being a famous pop star, Katy Perry has to transform her look quite frequently. However, it doesn’t seem difficult for Katy Perry to still look stunning in every single style. Especially, she has a fantastic collection of hairstyles and hair colors that would surprise us a lot.


Because of having to transform her appearance instantly, she used hair extensions in a lot of hairstyles and that would be great for those who are looking for hairstyles using hair extensions. Take a look through those fantastic ones and find yourselves the most suitable ones.

  1. Short, blonde-pink crop

4 1

Her short hair with pink blonde color makes her really impressive and look younger when she showed up at a Los Angeles’s benefit event with her husband Russel Brand. This short straight hair looks quite simple but it still works to help spot the beauty on her face.

  1. Pink up-do bun

4 2

In this pink up-do bun hairstyle, the voice of ‘Teenage Dream’ looks extremely hot. This hairstyle and color are ones of the highlight features that make her shine at the red carpet of American Music Awards.

Moreover, to draw much more attention, her hair accessories is a flower wreath which is super sparkling. Going for this hairstyle you will not have to worry about whether your hair is short hair or long hair anymore. And it would be best for big events or occasions as weddings or birthday parties.

  1. Blonde hair

4 3

Katy Perry, then go back to her short, blonde hair which is of more help to promote her fragrance. Her blonde locks make her look beautiful naturally and also fresh and glowing. Using some clip-in hair extensions in this hairstyle will help to add the volume to your natural hair.

  1. Curly, brunette hairstyle

4 4

The ‘’firework’’ singer looks stunning and attractive in this black hairstyle. It seems that she has used hair extensions quite successfully in this curly hair. All the curly, brunette locks work perfectly to spot all the beautiful features in her face.

  1. Dark chop

4 5

How surprise it is when we see her in this style. She really cut it all!  We can say that not many Hollywood stars have the courage to try as many hairstyles Katy Perry did. But it all works. Maybe this hairstyle can have a meaning of showing that she is a strong and independent woman. This special short hair did work to make her become more fashionable.

Hair extensions seems to be Katy Perry’s good friend through those hairstyles. She is definitely gorgeous and she still wants to use hair extensions, so there are no left reasons for us to desist from using them because of all the wonderful effects it brings back.

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