How to Take Care Properly of Your Hair Extensions


You may have possessed hair extensions as one of your beauty products or at least have heard about their effects. Especially about Remy hair extensions, which is made out of real human hair, they allow you to do all the things you do to your natural hair. Those can be cutting, dying colors, curling or straightening. Remy hair extensions can be used not only to improve your hair look, but they also help your hair from being harmed by dying colors or chemical substances indirectly.


However, we recommend you to have knowledge about this this information before you decide to get them. The reason lying at the point that how you care for your hair extensions will decide on how they look after the time they being yours. Take a look through some tips on how to take care of them properly.


  1. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner

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The proper shampoo and conditioner will nourish your hair extensions well. Your motions when applying conditioner are also need to be taken carefully. Don’t apply all of the amount of condition you would use at once because it can cause your hair extensions look dull and get dirty sooner. You can spray them and then brush out the tangles on your hair extensions.  And then if you can, let them dry naturally.

  1. Carefully blow dry

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Too much heat when you use dryer to blow dry your hair extensions can cause breakage and shedding. So use a low heat dryer to dry bonds and surrounding hair first then dry the rest as usual.

  1. Store hair extensions with care

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Your weft hair need to be stored with care when you do not use them if you don’t what them to surprise you the next time you wear them. After washing, conditioning drying and detangling them, put them away in an air-dry container so that when you put them on next time, they won’t show up a discolored and messy look.

  1. Wearing a wide cap

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In the summer, when there is much heating sunlight, your natural hair as well as your clip in hair or tape in hair need to be protected. Wide brimmed hat maybe a good solution to your hair that worth being spent your money on. When you wear hair extensions to go out, remember to bring along summer caps to protect your hair from the damages of sunlight.

Remy hair extensions or Virgin hair extensions which are made out of human hair can improve your hair look considerably. If your natural hair is a little bit too thin, hair extensions will add the volume to your hair as well as extend you hair’s length. Apohair Extensions which is a hair company that has 25 years in hair industry ensure to bring to you high quality Remy hair extensions and Virgin hair extensions. Our hair products are made of Vietnamese human hair and they will help you to achieve your best look when wearing them for beauty purposes.






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