How to Take Care Your Short Hair in the cold weather

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Winter is one of the most damaging seasons for your short and medium-length hair. Cold days outside and central heating inside can cause your hair dry out until it loses shine, volume and feels limp and brittle. However, by taking care of it in the proper ways, you can protect your hair in the winter.

  1. Do not wash hair everyday


You should use shampoo only a couple of times per week. Leave your hair’s natural, essential oils for better hair’s health. Only use the shampoo a little bit. If your scalp are very oily and you need to wash it more frequently, focus only on your scalp and roots and leave the rest of your hair alone. Avoid over-rinsing because it will further remove your hair’s essential oils. Moreover, your short and medium-length hair don’t need daily wash.

Use a mild and chemical-free shampoo which has no alcohol.  You should also avoid products that contain derivatives. This kind of chemicals will cause your hair become drier.

  1. Always use conditioner

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Investing more time to follow more intensive formulas in the winter months. Before wetting your hair, apply it with a little pre-wash conditioner. Then condition your hair again after every shampoo and live it a few minutes to replenish moisture to your hair. Just by putting more effort into taking care of your hair and it will appear beautifully in the winter.

  1. Refrain from using hot water

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Although taking a hot shower in cold weather might make you feel like heaven, but be aware that would be hell for your short hair. Before dunking your head under the water to treat it, turn down the temperature to lukewarm. When it’s time to rinse, try to lower the temperature again until it’s cool or cold. Use the cold water to wash your hair and prevent its oils from being got rid of.

  1. Thanks to your Diet

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Keep your short hair hydrated by drinking about 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Eating food that contains healthy fats and protein in your diet is helpful to thicken your hair. Make sure your diet includes lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables that are rich in zinc and vitamin A. Great sources of those are: olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados contain good fat; Pork, fish, turkey, soybeans contains Zinc; Fruits like apples, mangoes, bananas contain a lot of vitamin A.

Taking care of short hair in a proper way is very important in the winter- when your hair is vulnerable because of the lack of moisture. Using already-styled hair extensions can be a wise solution to protect your hair instead of treating your hair with heat to have the hairstyle you want in the winter. Extensions with human hair can provide the convenience for you to change your look anytime. Apohair extensions brands which have the sources of human hair are used and suggested by a large number of users. Our high-quality hair products can help for people to get the best effects from applying those shiny, gorgeous and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look.


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