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Slick black hair is the pride of the East. Taking care and nourishing your black hair is not easy. Let’s find out some special ways to look after your hair to keep your hair always beautiful and healthy.

With Asian, it can be said that black shiny hair is always the thing many people want to have. However, there are many causes for premature gray hair which can make you lose confidence. How can you find the suitable way to take care and nourish your natural hair properly in order for making it black and sleek without worrying about its effects on health as conventional hair dyes?

You should find complicate ways or methods but only use basic simple ways of taking your hair can be an effective tool.

Protecting your hair from direct sunlight

Ideally, whenever going out, you can wrap your hair with a towel or cover it with a wide-brimmed hat. This is the manual protection way to care for your  hair, which you should remember to regularly use for quickly getting the results as good as desired.



Eating more healthy foods can keep your hair healthy and sleek from the inside. For example, supplements of calcium, minerals, vitamins and iron are good for your hair. You should pay attention to the addition of many hair care nutrients but not too much avoid harming to the natural hair.

Hair care tips

You should use a brush comb to brush your hair and choose soft combs that will not damage your scalp or hair; and never tie your natural black hair when it is wet

You also make your hair dry naturally and absolutely do not abuse your hair dryer often because with the heat of the dryer, your texture and color of hair will quickly be damaged

Black hair is easily tarnished. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to hair care; limit the detergent in the hair care products to be able to ensure the hair to be black and glossy.

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You should take care of your hair at least once a month by warming up with leaves, herbs or eggs. This gives the hair more shine, smoothness and softness, which in turn protects the natural black color of the hair.

Cutting your hair often can limit split hair. This will make your hair smoother.

You can apply dandruff shampoo if you own a hair with too much dandruff.

If you own a black hair extension, let apply the same way of taking human hair care for your hair extension because almost hair extensions are now made from real hair. Our company is a reliable place to provide customers hair extensions as the new generation wig made from Vietnam hair with the best quality. With our company additional manufacturing process, the hair extension is full of healthy appearance and in good condition. We are very careful to control the quality system in order for providing clients with the best hair products look like real human hair and can meet all the needs of customers.


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