Testing your hair extension- indispensable stage

Testing Vietnam Hair Extension Indispensable Stage 1
Testing Vietnam Hair Extension Indispensable Stage 1

It is hard to find the best quality Vietnam hair. Many companies use terms like Remy and Virgin without reflecting the reality of their extensions. Ethically collected real human hair is purchased from Vietnam temples or collected with paid donors. This means that the hair has not been bleached or chemically treated and it’s in the natural state. In the recent years the price of raw virgin hair has risen significantly and today it is impossible to buy real high quality hair cheap. Apohair is a trustable source for the highest standards in Vietnam hair extensions.


Testing Vietnam Hair Extension Indispensable Stage 1


You must know that there are more firms selling fake hair, than those selling authentic hair. When you invest in your Vietnam hair extensions, you must be well equipped to tell authentic virgin hair apart from fake, low-quality hair out there in the market. We have put together some pointers to help you with this decision, and to prevent you from making some costly mistakes.

Step 1. Smell Test

Your hair should have a great smell when you receive it. If the hair smells corn chip or chemical in any way you can be sure that is not virgin hair.

Step 2. Cuticle Test-Vietnam hair

Hair cuticles are small protein shells on the surface of the hair. Real virgin hair has the cuticles aligned in the same direction from root to end tips (cuticle correct hair or remy hair), meaning that the hair is strapped in a ponytail and collected in a single cut from one donor. By selecting some strands and let the hair run through your thumb and pointer finger you should feel more resistance going up than down. Hair with cuticles in mixed direction is called non-remy hair.

Step 3. Weight test

You can check if your bundle is the correct weight. A full bundle should weight 100 grams or 3.5 oz. The bundle should be nice and full with not too many short hairs. Natural Vhair end tips that does not seem to be cut by a scissor.

Step 4. Length Test

The extensions should always be about 1.5 inch longer that your ordered. The texture affect the lengths and hair extension lengths are always stated in straight condition. If you have bought a body extension, you will need to stretch the hair out to measure the lengths.

Step 5. Shed Test

By running your fingers through the hair you will see if the hair is shedding. Please a white paper below the hair when testing. The extensions could have some natural shedding just when you open the package, but the hair should not shed after doing this test.

Step 6. Burn Test

Real human hair burns very fast and has the distinct smell of burned hair. The ashes are mouldering up to small particles just like ash. If you have synthetic hair the small will be like burned plastic. The plastic burns slowly and melts into a hard mass. Be aware that some vendors use blends with animal Vietnam hair that burn like human hair, so this test does not prove your hair to be 100% human virgin hair even if it burns like it and the hair could still be non-remy.


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