The greatest moments of Kristen Bell no makeup

01 Kristen Bell No Makeup

Starting her career as an actress, but Kristen Bell also marks her name under the role of a singer and producer. She owns a series of films that brought her a long list of award nominations. With the marvelous voicing for Princess Anna in “Frozen”, Kristen Bell has become more popular with the public. She is not only admired for her talent but also the natural charm she carries. Let scroll down to see the stunning moments of Kristen Bell no makeup that make people fall for her.

Parenting time is fun

02 Kristen Bell No Makeup

If you follow Kristen Bell’s Instagram account, you can see the actress has a number of selfies with no makeup in her daily life. When she is not on her work, she likes to keep everything simple. Being a busy mom, she still manages to spend time with her children and takes good care of them. And this cute selfie was taken when she was at home with her daughters. She made a funny face with the adorable hairstyle created by her kiddo. If you also have a special little hairstylist at home like Kristen, you can see feel her now.

Girl in black

03 Kristen Bell No Makeup

Kristen Bell was seen outside in a black sweater, but she attracted the people’s attention right away by her happy smile that can brighten up anyone’s day. The star of “The Good Place” dressed in a normal outfit and let her face totally from makeup. Her hair was tied back showing her flawless skin that any woman admires. No wonder that Kristen Bell became the brand ambassador of Neutrogena, the famous brand of cosmetics and skincare products.

A selfie in her car

04 Kristen Bell No Makeup

Kristen Bell took a selfie of her before driving her car. She went casual yet stylish with the knee ripped jeans and a yellow striped T-shirt. Her medium blonde hair was set to fall freely off her shoulders, showing her timeless grace. Kristen does not need any fancy makeup as her natural beauty has already sparkled.

Celebrating her 40th birthday

05 Kristen Bell No Makeup

This photo was shared by Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell’s husband, on her 40th birthday. To celebrate the special day of Kristen, her husband had set up a family trip in Sedona, Arizona. And here we can see the image of a happy wife beside her beloved ones. Wearing a basic grey tanktop, but Kristen Bell can still shine her charm and beautiful bare face. We just fall in love with this sweet family time.

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Enjoy the mountain trip

06 Kristen Bell No Makeup

Kristen Bell makes a really good balance for her work and life. She is serious in any projects she does, and when she has time for herself, she enjoys it to the utmost.

The star shared her great time during the Mystic Mountain ride in September 2017. Her fair skin looked really enviable. At the age of 37, the actress showed no hint of aging. Instead, she pulled off her look without any trace of makeup.

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It’s time for reading

07 Kristen Bell No Makeup

If there is anyone who can look this pretty while reading a book, that must be Kristen Bell. Flashing a breathtakingly beautiful smile, Kristen took our heart away with her charm. Her blonde hair looked sparkling with the sunlight shining on.

Makeup can really make someone more beautiful, but it is not a way to have a happy life. Kristen Bell no makeup moments are a strong example of this. She shines her look with her normal side and enjoys her life with smile and love.

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