The most wanted 18 inch hair extensions in Europe

01 18 Inch Hair Extensions

Europe has many countries and territories which is a potential market in hair industry. Apohair has delivered hair extension to almost part of this land. Thus, we know the demand of clients here. We believe 18 inch hair extension are the most beloved item in Europe. To get more details in which types of hair extension and the reason, let’s start to find out with Apohair now.

Why is 18 inch hair extension?

02 18 Inch Hair Extensions

In comparison to other sizes, 18 inch is medium length which reach your shoulder blades. Equal to 45 cm, 18 inch hair extension is enough for you to have a long hair and take care of it easily. With that length, we have much chance to try new hairstyles without no worry at all. You can transform yourself differently to mix and match with your outfit. Now, you needn’t to wonder which your hairdo for wedding, which one for prom, etc. 18 inch hair extension can change easily for all events in your life.

Bulk hair extension

03 18 Inch Hair Extensions

For professional hair buyers, this term is not strange at all. Beside this name, it is also called haircut in Russian and pigtail in Spanish. We can understand it simply as hair cut from people’s head then make equal in the top. We can also know it as material to design other hair extension. Therefore, many small hair vendors usually buy it to transform into other hair types such as weave, clip in, tape in, etc. As our experience, clients’ from Russia, German and Spanish love bulk hair extension a lot. Every month, Apohair sells more than 200 kg of this type to these countries.

Tape in extension

04 18 Inch Hair Extensions

When talking to the most wanted 18 inch hair extension in Europe, we absolutely have to mention to tape in extension. Why is it so popular? It is about ease in use and apply. Also, tape in extension is seamless and flawless that people are hardly able to tell you are wearing hair extension. One of its perks is the reusable feature. After 4-6 months, our natural hair will grow longer and 18 inch hair extension now need re-taping. Tape removal liquid will help you to do it. Instead of buying new hair extension, you can add more tape to your current one to apply it again. You can repeat this procedure every 4-6 months until your 18 inch tape in extension are damaged. Especially, you absolutely can apply it at home without spending too much money on hair salon. By the way, Apohair not only supply this hair extension type, we also have tape roll and removal liquid which are used when re-tape procedure. You can contact us to purchase if you wish.

Tip hair extension

05 18 Inch Hair Extensions

Tip hair extension, especially I-tip, is purchased so much from European clients. Unlike other shape of tip hair extension, I-tip hair extension can be applied in different ways such as hot fusion, micro ring, nano ring. With small sizes of bonding, it is so hard to recognize its hair extension or your actual hair. This natural look make 18 inch tip hair extension so attractive in hair lovers’ eyes.

Apohair quality and price

Proud of being one of the biggest hair manufacturer in Vietnam, we have developed ourselves day by day. Apohair or “APO import export joint stock company” was started as a small family factory in 1990 and legally registered in 2013. After long time working in hair industry, we have approached 3 main markets that are America, Europe and Africa. Our clients come from more than 100 countries and territories.

We assure to supply you:

  • 100% remy human hair, no synthetic fibers
  • Unprocessed hair extension which is cuticle aligned, no acid process
  • No shedding, No nit or lice
  • Tangle free and good smell

We divide our products into some levels which are differently in thickness. Therefore, our prices vary comparatively. Thank to that, clients can choose hair which is suitable to their financial condition. This is the reason why our company can sell hair in many markets.

Color and texture

06 24 Inch Weave Hair Extensions

To meet end need of hair industry, Apohair has created our own color chart which includes more than 30 colors. Our palette not only have some basic colors in different shades, it also contains cold colors, the most favorite hair color in Europe and Russia. We now are trying to create one more color chart to satisfy more and more customers in the world. 18 inch hair extension is available in every color. Besides, we can make ombre and mix color as you wish. You can create a new hair idea by mixing these colors together. Do you want to become a hair color magician now with Apohair?

We are able to create more than 30 textures. It is not just some simple things as straight, wavy and curly, we can change their look as yaki straight, kinky straight, body wavy, fumi wavy, deep curly, kinky curly, etc. We are not the only vendor who supplies these hairstyles, but not many vendor use hot steam to create them as Apohair. We assure not to use any chemicals to make wavy or curly because these chemical can damage 18 inch hair extension. We always want to supply high quality products only.

These are most wanted 18 inch hair extension in Europe. There are some more favorite types but these are reported from Apohair. It’s time to change your hair for new year 2020. If you want any of them, please contact our staff to get more information in detail. Our staff are online 24/7 and ready to serve as fast as possible.

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