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The no-makeup moments of a makeup guru

01 James Charles Without Makeup

With the increasing popularity of social networks and the beauty demand of people all around the world, many makeup artists have successfully claimed their names through fascinating vlogs. And James Charles is one of them. Owing 20.3 million subscribers on his makeup channel on Youtube, James Charles is now the most subscribed beauty influencer. James is also the first male spokesmodel for cosmetics brand CoverGirl, alongside Katy Perry. Because of his success, many followers are curious about how James Charles without makeup looks like. And luckily, there are still some photos out there. So, let scroll down and see the makeup-free moments of the famous makeup vlogger.

A barefaced selfie

02 James Charles Without Makeup

James Charles updated his Instagram with a totally raw look. No filter, no foundation, no eyeliner nor eyeshadow, and no lipstick, but the Internet celebrity can still impress people with his look. With this close look, we can see all his facial contours clearly. His bare face with sharp eyes is really striking. We can say that James Charles looks more than fine when he goes makeup-free.

Enjoy the coldness outside

03 James Charles Without Makeup

James Charles was seen to be in his winter vacation. He was wearing a black sweater, standing under the snowfall and holding a cup, maybe to get some warmness. Under the cold climate, his bright smile seemed like the warm sunlight. James surprises people with his stunning no mirror makeup, but in this picture, he set his face with no layer of makeup and just enjoys his time.

Show off his new haircut

04 James Charles Without Makeup

The veteran makeup artist posted his side-look photo on his Instagram account to show off his confidence with a new hairstyle. His face had no layer of makeup, but his hair was carefully styled with quite a lot a hair product. With this picture, we can also see the perfect side face of the talented Internet personality.

James Charles without makeup after a short break

05 James Charles Without Makeup

In 2019, after the feud with the beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook, James Charles made some apology videos and took a short break from social media. He then came back with an update of himself on a trip. He looked refreshed with no trace of makeup on his face. Through his post, James Charles also suggests his followers to take some healing time to treat themselves.

Home sweet home

06 James Charles Without Makeup

Having spent a lot of his time with his work at such a young age, James Charles does not have much time to be with his family. That’s why he loves his family time more. He quite attaches with his lovely pet dog, and that can be seen clearly here. James Charles flashed a wide smile while hugging and playing around with his dog. Wearing no makeup but it didn’t matter. The boy looked totally happy when he was at his home.

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A naughty boy without makeup

07 James Charles Without Makeup

This photo of James Charles can make you temporarily forget his impressive makeup tutorials. James was wearing no lens and makeup here. He took a funky selfie with his tongue sticking out we can see a naughty boy of his age. James Charles looked smart with his youthful skin that can make any girl feel jealous.

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Relaxing time

08 James Charles Without Makeup

James Charles took a selfie of him resting and enjoying his free time. He wore a lens contact here, but his face was let free from makeup. He looked young and stylish in a white T-shirt and black cap. This chill look of James Charles is as attractive as his gorgeous makeup face in his beauty vlogs.

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