The real moments of the globe icon – Jennifer Lopez without makeup

01 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Debuting as an actress, Jennifer Lopez gained remarkable success for her roles before developing her career as a singer, dancer, producer, fashion designer, and businesswoman. She has made a strong statement for her name worldwide thanks to her multi-talent. J.Lo is also the inspirer of many celebrities, including Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc. At the age of 51, J.Lo still has a firm position in the heart of her fans and followers not just because of her songs, but also her stunning charm. Let scroll down and see the following moments of Jennifer Lopez without makeup and you will understand her glamor.

Attending a sporting event

02 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

The picture was taken when Jennifer Lopez joined a triathlon competition in California. To prepare for the games, the singer and actress shook off her normal makeup and tied all her hair into a bun. With no layer of makeup, we can see her beautiful natural face and flawless skin. J.Lo loves sports and that’s totally clear here with her happy face while fulfilling the competition. She carries a strong and healthy image and that brings us energy just by looking at her.

The beauty of winter

03 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez was seen on a street on a winter day. She was wearing a thick furry coat to keep warm, and the little bun made her look really young and cute. If there is one thing J.Lo will not have to worry each time she goes out, it’s definitely her look without makeup because her natural beauty is more than enough.

J.Lo without makeup on the beach

04 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

J.Lo was enjoying her free time on the beach and made a cheer pose with a bottle of wine. It seemed that she had just finished swimming as her hair was still damp with water. However, her bare face was still as gorgeous as usual. The black bikini Jennifer Lopez was wearing tone up her stunning body. Those perfect abs can really make any woman admire.

A morning selfie with her bare face

05 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez has never intended to hide her real face with the fans. Since the early days of career, she often appeared with her bare face whenever she was off stage or not on a shoot. J.Lo even loves sharing her no makeup selfie on her Instagram, and this photo is one of this.

Looking fresh in the morning, the stunning singer once again made her fans’ hearts skip a beat because of her beauty. Simple yet elegant, that’s the power of J.Lo to rock any outfit circumstance.

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Spending time with her family

06 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Being one of the most famous celebrities in the world, but Jennifer Lopez still manages to keep a good –work and life balance to spend time with her beloved ones. No glamorous dresses, no impressive makeup, Jennifer Lopez just wants to be a normal mom and wife beside her kids and her husband. But Jennifer Lopez’s charm is of no wonder, even if she applies no cosmetics or wears casual outfit.

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The timeless beauty

07 Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez again stunned her fans and followers with her selfie in a bathrobe. This “morning face” post has brought numerous comments praising her look. J.Lo is now 51 years old, but she is absolutely much younger than her age with the shining flawless skin.

The star once shared her secret of looking youthful is getting enough sleep, avoiding drinking, smoking, and caffeine. She also takes good care of her body with frequent fitness sessions. What a healthy lifestyle.

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