The shining beauty of a powerful wrestler: Becky Lynch no makeup

01 Becky Lynch No Makeup

Becky Lynch began training as a professional wrestler when she was 15 years old. She is now signed to WWW on the Raw brand. Since her debut in 2002, until now Becky Lynch has won a lot of championships and glorious titles. She has a strong fan base thanks to her powerful movements and fierce temper. The famous wrestler of WWW always enters the ring with grunge makeup as a way to claim her style in her special work. However, Becky Lynch no makeup is just the girl next door that you will fall for because of her friendliness and simple lifestyle. Let see some moments of Becky Lynch without makeup and you will surely love this side of her.

Selfie with her fan without makeup

02 Becky Lynch No Makeup

Being the most famous name of WWW, Becky Lynch spends most of her time for her work, including guesting in TV shows and other media rounds. Therefore, she often appears with her makeup. Yet, whenever she can, she let her face free from the cosmetic products. Becky Lynch has never been afraid to show her bare face in front of the public.

And amidst her busy schedule, she still manages to set some time for her fans if they ask for a photo or a sign. In this photo, we see the WWW diva without any makeup taking a selfie with her fan. Contrary to her powerful image in the wrestling arena, she looks like a warm and friendly girl in real life.

The gentle girl enjoying her free time

03 Becky Lynch No Makeup

In this picture, we can see a charming girl wearing her headphones, listening to music and enjoying her free time. Becky Lynch is “The Man” on the ring, but when she’s not in her wrestler costume and bold makeup, she is a beautiful angel. The thick side-swept and the long locks falling off her face bring her a gentle and alluring look.

Shine under the sunlight with no makeup

04 Becky Lynch No Makeup

In many people’s conception, a female wrestler comes with a large rough figure and a fierce face. However, if they can see Becky Lynch in her daily life, they will take back that thought. In this photo, we can she Becky Lynch was standing outside and her smile makes her look as bright as the sunlight. With no layer of makeup covering her face, her flawless skin also shines on her pretty face.

The girl in red hair

In fact, Becky Lynch is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair red after joining WWW maybe because it suits her concept of a strong wrestler. This hair color is also more popular with her image among her fans and the public.

05 Becky Lynch No Makeup

This picture shows a girl with a lovely smile on her face. Becky Lynch looks simple yet graceful in her casual outfit. Moreover, Becky Lynch is quite good at choosing a hairstyle to highlight her beauty. Her hair was styled with a small braid at one side, and a side-swept on the other side framing her face.

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Happily selfie-ing with Charlotte

06 Becky Lynch No Makeup

The two WWW divas look happy in this selfie. Both of them was wearing a black tank top and let their face free from makeup. All their facial contours are on full display, but they don’t need to be worried since their bare face can make people admire their beauty.

As a fan of wrestling, you may love Becky Lynch for her firm figure of the fierce warrior. While wrestling is a hard job, keeping a balanced life is also completely not easy. Therefore, Becky Lynch no makeup moments are where you can see a normal girl treasure her time and enjoy life fully. They are as impressive as her image in intense wrestling matches.


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