12 inch hair extensions – Things you need to do with to create a perfect appearance

01 12 Inch Hair Extension

If this is the first time you use hair extensions or buy hair pieces, you may have many questions in your mind. For example, what size of hair extension is suitable for you? Whether 12 inch hair extensions will fit or not. After choosing the length of hair extensions you desire, you wonder how to maintain or style these? This article will help you answer these questions.

Which length of natural hair will suit best with 12 inch hair extension?

Ladies don’t know how to say exactly your hair length. Or if you are new to buy or wear human hair pieces or wigs, you misunderstand or don’t know how to select the right hair length. For purchasing the suitable hairpiece length you desired, please make sure that you understand how to measure your hair length. 

When measuring, the hair is stretch to straight to get the exact length. Whether your hair texture is curly or wavy, you have to gently stretch it to measure. Generally, straight hair is longer than wavy hair and curly hair. Wavy hair is longer than curly hair.

After you finish measuring, you can choose the right length hair which can blend well on your natural hair. We recommend you to order the hair extensions within two inches of your natural hair length to increase the fullness of your hair.

We recommend 12 inch hair extension for natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer. With 12 inch hair, your hair will be transformed into shoulder length hair. For who almost has a shoulder length hair, your hair will become thicker with 12 inch hair extension.

Choosing the best texture of 12 inch hair extension for your style

With a variety of hair textures amongst women, the possibilities are at an all-time high. There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming to figure out which texture is best for you. For a lot of people, it is essential to buy specific types of hair with specific qualities to make the most out of their hair purchase.

02 12 Inch Hair Extension

Another thing to consider is the hairstyle you are looking to achieve; it will help you slim down your options and texture choice. Each sew-in weave has a particular texture and is offered in multiple wave patterns; including straight, wavy, tight curly, or deep waves.

  • Curly Texture Hair

This hair usually has a naturally thick curl pattern. Curly textures are also known as being easy to maintain. Not much styling is necessary with curly hair! It’s weatherproof, if it rains, you do not have to worry about humidity. Heat or color does not alter it.

03 12 Inch Hair Extension

It is easy to make this hair your own with being able to curl and straightening the hair for many styles with one install or wig!

  • Straight Hair Texture

The cuticles are always intact. Extremely easy to style and maintain. Straight hair is great for both short and long hairstyles!

04 12 Inch Hair Extension

  • Wave hair texture

Wavy hair tends to have a shiny feel and appearance. No special maintenance is for the hair is needed. There is usually no tangling; no shedding, body wave has a beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.

Comparing with body wave hair, loose wave hair refers to a more of a wave and curl. The curl pattern of a loose wave weave is a bit smaller and tighter. Not to straight, nor too tight, many women love the curl pattern of loose wave hair.

05 12 Inch Hair Extension

Determining your face shape is also important when you decide texture.

  • If you have an oval face, congratulation! You can try most texture of 12 inch hair extensions, so feel free to experiment. But you still should avoid hairstyles with heavy bangs.

06 12 Inch Hair Extension

Oval face has length of face is longer than width, jawline is slightly narrower than hairline.

  • Square face has strong, angled jawline. With this face shape, you should choose straight texture with long layers.

07 12 Inch Hair Extension

Forehead, cheekbone and jawline are the same width. The strong jawline is a prominent feature of square-shaped faces

  • Round shaped faces are the same in width and length, with no prominent angles or corners. Slick back, high ponytail is good idea for this type of face as they can elongate your face. You should avoid wide curls textures that accentuate the wide face.

08 12 Inch Hair Extension

  • Heart-shaped face has narrow chin and prominent cheekbones. Hairline is the widest part of the face. With heart-shaped face, shoulder length hair tends to look best, as this adds volume around the bottom of your face. If you want to balance your face, go for a lob that just clears the shoulder to add wideness around your jawline.

09 12 Inch Hair Extension

12 inch hair extension which has deep side part with loose waves is a good choice for heart-shaped face.

  • The easiest way to describe a long face shape is that it’s an oval face shape…just longer. To balance out the longer length, curls textures are an excellent option for you.

10 12 Inch Hair Extension

Loose curls textures that start close to the roots or long layers that break at the collarbone will add more volume and width for your long face.

  • Diamond-shaped face: You likely have a diamond face shape if your forehead and jawline are the same width and the widest part of your face is at your cheekbones with a narrow chin. Diamond face shapes are coveted because they are symmetrical and balanced.

11 12 Inch Hair Extension

Opt for long, side-swept bangs to highlight your cheekbones with long layers, or go short with a textured lob. 12 inch hair extension will bring you a perfect lob.

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Ways to style your hair extensions

Accessories come in handy when protecting your leave out. Here are some accessories that you can try. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

  • Use A Scarf

Add a cute scarf or turban. Whether your hair extension is up, down, curly or straight, a scarf is just the thing you need to give your leave out a break. Instead of fighting with your tangled hair extension in humidity and cold weather, tuck it safely underneath a scarf.

12 12 Inch Hair Extension

Not only will it cover your hair protecting it from weather and antsy hands, but it will also add spice to your outfit. Think of it as a two for one!

13 12 Inch Hair Extension

  • Headbands

Slide on a headband for good measure. It is a quick way to solve any leave-out issues when you do not have the time. Additionally, it will serve as a hold-over style instead of flat-ironing hair.

With these useful tips from us, let’s grab your favorite texture of 12 inch hair extension on our website and change new style for your hair right now!


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