Tight curly weaves – The fascinating hairstyle for girls to update in 2020

01 Tight Curly Weaves

An elegant tight curly hairstyle may be the dream of so many girls, but not all of them have the gut to do it. The maintenance process for a tight curly hairstyle requires a lot of time and patience. Due to that reason, girls today love to use tight curly weaves instead of making a curly hairstyle on their natural hair. By this way, they can change their style whenever they want and gives some time off for the natural hair. Let find out more about tight curly weaves and the trendy tight curly weave hairstyle of 2020.

The marvelous benefits of tight curly weaves

Flexible and convenient

Many girls tend to like using tight curly hair on special occasions to make an impression for their dates or parties rather having it on daily basic. Therefore, tight curly weave hair is a perfect choice to change styles suitably.

Girls are also attracted to tight curly weave hair since it can be styled as what they want. Girls with tight curly weave hair will have more fun as they can create various hairstyles for themselves, from elegant, naughty and sexy, practical, fun and flirty ones. Thanks to tight curly weaves, you can refresh themselves with a brand-new concept within a short time. And now, you can say goodbye with long hours of waiting at a hair salon.

02 Tight Curly Weaves

Protecting natural hair  

Similarly to other types of weave extensions, tight curly hair weaves is an effective way to keep your hair from heat styling, bleaching and dying. Your natural hair will not be affected by the styling process as everything is done on the weave hair.

Quick installation and low maintenance

You don’t need to spend much time and effort to install and maintain tight curly weaves. Tight curly weave sew in method can take a couple of hours, but it will much shorter than styling on your natural hair.  

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What type of hair should we use for tight curly hair weaves?

You can consider the pros and cons of using synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions to choose the suitable one. However, we always recommend using human hair extensions to make tight curly hair weaves.

03 Tight Curly Weaves

First of all, human hair extension is more durable. It can be reused for many times within 2-3 years, which means you can some save money. Besides, human hair extension is softer and smoother when touching and looks more natural. Using human hair extensions will give you the perfect tight curly weave hairstyles.

At APO’s store, there are a wide range of premium human hair extensions. Let visit our store and select one to create a gorgeous tight curly weave hair yourself.

Trendy tight curly weave hairstyles in 2020  

Voluminous tight curly weave

04 Tight Curly Weaves

The long and voluminous curls is the highlight of this tight curly weave hair. It looks elegant and brings the youthful energy at the same time. With this hairstyle, you can confidently go to work or enjoy parties.

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Classy Tousled Lob

05 Tight Curly Weaves

The length of this “lob” hairstyle is longer than the normal length of a bob. That’s why it’s called a “lob” This tight curly weave hair can go with your casual outfit or a fancy dinner outside.

Super tight curly weave hair

06 Tight Curly Weaves

This hairstyle is a good choice for this summer with its ideal medium length. The thick side part makes you look vibrant and full of energy. This style is suitable for joyous holidays and outdoor activities, but you can still have it with you to formal events.

Sweet half bun

07 Tight Curly Weaves

In this hairstyle, you will make a small messy half bun on your hair and let the remaining hair to fall down freely. The lovely half bun makes you look gentle. It can go with you at wedding parties, anniversaries or a sweet date outside.

Tight curly weave hair will be a big change in your style. Are you ready to try it now? Don’t hesitate. You won’t regret your decision!

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