Timeless Hair Care Tips You’ll Wanna Know

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Every girl want to possess healthy and shiny hair. However, not many of them know how to care for their natural hair in proper ways.

So this post will help you figure them out. Keep scrolling to find out what’s good to do with your natural hair! Note them out if you find it necessary.


  1. Use natural oils to care for your hair

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Almond butter, coconut oil or olive oil are very good for your natural hair’s health. So with every dry strand, moisturize them with organic almond butter or coconut oil. After that, shampoo and washing your natural hair well with water.

This step can also help to improve damaged hair. So you should include this step to your hair care routine in a daily basis. Dry hair- don’t care!

  1. Use dry shampoo to make blow-out last longer

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If you know this tips, your friends will be surprised about the lasting of your blow-out. Glamorous blow-out will be of longer beauty if you use dry shampoo on your scalp and brush it through your hair.

This simple tips can also be applied with wavy hair or curly hair. Try this out for the next time you do that.

  1. Improve your hair with lemon and beer

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Did you use to go out and you hair have to expose directly under the sunlight? And then your come home your natural hair become faded. If you have been through this, you will need this tip.

A glass of lemon and beer is a super effective solution to your hair’s problem.  Pour the liquid throughout your natural hair and let them for five minutes. You will feel the surprised effects after you washing your hair up.

  1. Use hair serum

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Serums like grape fruit will help you to reduce the frizz on your natural hair. Spray the serum from the back of your head first then apply it to the rest of your hair. Go to bed with your braided hair and the following morning when you wake up, you will surprise about the result-soft and silky straight hair.

  1. Don’t let condition reach your scalp

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A very simple rule but not everyone do that. Your scalp already has natural oils. Then when you apply condition to your straight or wavy hair, stay away from your scalp if you don’t want your hair to be greasy.

These tips will make your hair look better. But if you are worrying about many issues with your natural hair, then forget them all and have a try on hair extensions.

They can help to add the length and the volume to your hair so that you can get whatever hairstyles you want. Apohair extensions Brand– A hair company with many years of experience in hair industry are very proud to bring to introduce you our high-quality hair extensions.

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