It is very important that you should take care of your hair properly because it can be damaged by many factors from environment such as dust, pollution, weather and so on. To people who apply hair extensions, it is even more important. You may think that your hair is damaged most in the hot season, however; the rainy season or monsoon also affect your hair badly a lot. To keep your own hair and hair extensions in the best condition with the smooth and shiny beauty, it is necessary to care for your medium hair well in monsoon. If you do not know how to deal with this problem, do not worry because in this post, we will show you some useful tips.


Dry your hair well

During the monsoon, the moisture level is high and it can affect your hair badly. Moreover, rainwater is a factor contributing to damage your hair because it may be acidic and dirty because of the effect of environmental pollution. Therefore, it is vital to keep your own hair and hair extensions dry in the rainy season. Make sure that your hair is completely dry and protect it from rainwater when you go out.

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Wash your hair regularly

It rains a lot during monsoon, therefore; you should wash your hair regularly to protect it. For example, if you go out and your hair is wet by rainwater, washing your hair with shampoo is necessary because the rainwater left on the scalp for longer can make you feel itchy and promote the growth of bacterial or fungal infections. This can lead to dandruff problem. However, washing your hair regularly does not mean washing it daily because washing too often can multiply the problems you already have with your hair.

Avoid hair styling

Your hair is sensitive in humid monsoon climate. Try to avoid hair styling to protect your hair. Also, it is highly suggested not to use many hair products, in particular, ignore hair sprays for hair care for rainy day.

Apply healthy diet

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Your hair need to be nourished by a right diet. The hair follicles can only get strengthened when it is provided with a good amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Some recommended food particles are omega 3 fatty acids, salmon, spinach, Curd, etc.

Try a haircut

Long hair usually takes you a lot time and effort to take care of it well. Therefore, try a haircut. You may not know that hair length should be decided in your management ability. Try short hair or medium hair to focus on caring for it properly. Moreover, with short and medium hairstyle, the hair loss will be a lot less.

Above are some ways for you to take care of your hair and hair extensions well during the monsoon. The hair contributes a lot to enhance your look. That is why hair care is important. About hair extensions, if you are having intention of applying them, Apohair is a highly suggested brand. Vietnamese hair extensions brand commit to supply 100% human hair that is completely unprocessed with many kinds such as tape hair, clip in hair and so on. Try our hair products to be shiny with beautiful hair.


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