Vietnam Virgin Hair 005
Vietnam Virgin Hair 005

The virgin hair extensions are not a new term in hair industry nowadays. It is considered as a savior for women’s hair. In case of thin hair, they can use hair extensions to have thicker hair, in case of short hair, they also use long hair extensions to solve the problem. Women use Vietnam virgin hair extensions to enhance their appearance, however; do they know how to take care of their virgin hair extensions correctly? Maintenance is an important factor ensuring the longevity of your Vietnam virgin hair, therefore; some following tips to take care your virgin hair extensions are suggested.

Vietnam Virgin Hair 001

It is common knowledge that Vietnam virgin hair is human hair so it should be maintain carefully to be reuse in a long period and keep the perfect state.

Wash your virgin hair extensions correctly

Vietnam Virgin Hair 002

Virgin hair extensions need to be washed correctly. It is vital that you use suitable shampoo and conditioner that not harm to your Vietnam virgin hair. When you choose the right one, you can wash your hair extensions without worrying about bad effects on the hair quality. Furthermore, it is important that you do this gently and do rinse under too hot water because temperature can affect the hair extensions condition.

Brush your virgin hair extensions gently

Vietnam Virgin Hair 003

Doing everything gently can solve every problem. Every time you brush your hair, either after washing or after getting up in the morning, please brush gently. Be patient in solving the tangled problem, take time to brush slowly to make sure that your hair is in right direction. Your Vietnam virgin hair extensions will be kept in good state if you brush gently. Do not pull it or do something violent with your hair extensions.

Do not sleep with the wet hair

Vietnam Virgin Hair 004

It is very dangerous when you sleep with the wet hair state. Not only does it affect your heath but also your Vietnam hair virgin extensions. More specifically, going to bed when your hair is not dry will make your hair lose its smooth state. Moreover, it is also easy to be tangled when you wake up in the next morning. Therefore, make sure that you leave your hair dry completely before going to bed.

Apply deep conditioning treatments

Vietnam Virgin Hair 005

It is said that the nutrition from the scalp helps moisturize your hair, Vietnam virgin hair is maintained properly by the scalp. However, hair extensions are not attached the scalp anymore, therefore; you should take care of your extensions in another way. It is applying deep conditioner once a month. This way will keep your virgin hair extensions in healthy and shiny condition.

Choosing the right hair extensions to solve almost hair problems is important but maintenance to use it in a long period is even more. Now, you have know some tips to take care of your virgin hair extensions well, therefore; please check it out to have smooth and shiny hair contributing to your perfect appearance.


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