Top 5 accessories for vietnam hair

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 2
Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 2

If you are the one who wants to transform your appearance whenever you are in front of people, you surely can’t miss the great use of hair accessories. Here are top 5 accessories for Vietnam hair which are most favored:

Hair tie

Hair tie is a common kind of hair accessory that every girls have to know and have used more than one time in their life. Many girls even consider hair tie as a inseparable object. But familiarity doesn’t mean boredom and monotony. You can completely transform your Vietnam hair everyday only with various types of hair ties.

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 1

Hair clip

In terms of popularity, hair clip is not inferior to hair tie. Using hair clips is a simple formula to beautify your Vietnam hair or simply to make it look neat. This kind of hair accessory is much preferred by girls with long hair. The current trend is small or medium metal hair clips with some motifs like moon, star, flower, leaf, heart, etc. Hair clips added pearls or gemstones will highlight the nobility and charm of them more.

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 2


A mane can help you to compact your bangs so that you can work, play and eat comfortably all day. Especially on hot summer days, lovely manes will certainly bring you great comfort. Your Vietnam hair will be more attractive when wearing mane whether it is put up or put down.

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 3

Bandage-Vietnam hair

Bandages’ use and design is somewhat similar to the use and design of manes. However, the biggest difference is that bandages are made of materials like fabric or lace which are soft. You can become dynamic or gentle depending on the design of your used bandage.

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 4

Turban towel

Apart from being an accessory which are combined with different types of costumes, turban towel is also an indispensable accessory for your Vietnam hair. Being a vintage inspired accessory, this multi-functional towel is widely used when you go to the beach, when you go on your spring walk or when you walk down the street with street style clothing. You can freely create many styles by ways of wrapping with turban towels different  which are easily combined with different hairstyles.

Top 5 Accessories Vietnam Hair 5

Above is a list of some suggested hair accessories for anyone who wants to style the hair as well as create a highlight for Vietnam hair. Hope that it is helpful for you.


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