Top best styles of Vietnamese hair extensions for round face

Natural Hair Extensions
Natural Hair Extensions

People often say that those with oval face are the luckiest people, fashionably speaking. It sounds sensible at first, but think about it carefully and you will find out that it is not always right. Every type of face has its upsides and downsides. And they also have such hairstyles that suit them the most. These are some offered only for those have round face.

  1. Straight bob hair extension

Not much people have a straight bob, actually. But it’s time to make a change. You can have your hair with bob style, straight and take deep side part. Your face will be covered a little bit so that it looks slimmer and smaller. Besides, thanks to the side part, you will be really cool and stylish.

Bob Hair Extensions

  1. Smooth curls virgin hair extension

Your smooth curl style doesn’t have to be so long. It would be perfect with the length of a little bit over shoulders. You can take side part or middle part; it depends on your desire. The curls will draw the attention so that your face looks more impressive. Light color is recommended for this style.

Curls Hair Extensions

  1. Natural waves

Natural waves is believed to be the style that is never obsolete. With the natural beauty, you will look so elegant, girly and luxurious. Side part for this style must be really suitable. The color of the hair is not tricky so you can choose whatever color.

Natural Hair Extensions

  1. The long hair with central part

The round face might make you look less girly. However, if you have long hair, which is a little bit wavy, it will be another story. You should take central part so that the hair in both sides will cover your face. Since it covers your face, it makes the feeling that you have a slim face. That’s how it works.

Long Hair Central Park

  1. Flowing waves Vietnam human hair extensions

Flowing waves is the style that can never be backward. Those with round face should apply this hair style and be more awesome than they ever used to be. Long, flowing, wavy hair will make you look stunning no matter what. Don’t hesitate to have this style right now.

These are top hairstyles for round-faced people. I strongly believe that these styles will surely enhance their beauty and give them better appearance. If you still have no idea for your hair, try one of those above.


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