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Are you searching for a hairstyle to compliment your face and hair care tips through the Internet? If you are overloaded with the countless results on so many websites and don’t know which one to follow, this article will give you a list of the best hair stylists blogs for you to check the tips now.

Curly Nikki

As its name stated, Curly Nikki is a place for curly-haired people and the fans of a bouncy look. The founder of the blog, Nikki Walton, was born with curly hair, but she used to wish to have straighter hair. She opened her blog to give online therapy sessions and it quickly became a famous forum for curly-haired women to share their experiences with their hair. Curly Nikki also has regular updates with new hairstyles and video tutorials of styling and hair care routine.

01 Hair Stylists Blogs

My Style Bell

My Style Bell is a popular blog among fashion followers with a variety of news on the latest hairstyles, hair care tips, how-to videos and blog posts, and product reviews. Especially, the Q&A sessions will give you instant answers to your questions. The blog is what you need to update trends and get the useful tricks to style your hair, whether you are a straight or curly hair lover, and so many things more.

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Princess Hairstyles

If you want to be a princess, let start to change your hairstyle with Princess Hairstyles. This hair stylists blog is where you can find the stunning hairstyles for your long hair with many creative variations of twists, buns, braids, and ponytails. The blog editors of Princess Hairstyles are avid hairstylists; hence, apart from the step-by-step image gallery, followers can get clear tutorials from the video source. Even if you are new to the hairstyle, you can apply it without difficulty.

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Most of the styles introduced in the blog are for people with long hair. However, if you love any style, try to use good human hair bundles to add length to your current hair and rock the new look. There are many hairstyles on Princess Hairstyles are application with hair extensions.

Cute Girl Hairstyles

Cute Girl Hairstyles was created by a mother who loves to try different hairstyles for her daughters. Each time she made a new hairstyle, she kept a record, and later she decided to share the instructions on her blog. Her blog then quickly drew the attention of young girls and today it counts thousands of visits per day.

04 Hair Stylists Blogs

As the blog focuses on young girls, the hairstyles are often easy to apply and time-saving. You can find the gallery full of images and tutorial videos for a wide range of lovely flips, twists braids, updos, curls, etc.

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Hairdresser On Fire

If you are searching for a funky blog to have fun while achieving the great hairstyle tricks, Hairdresser On Fire is the ideal place for you. The founder and main author of Hairdresser On Fire will give you a relaxing time with her tutorials. Although her tone may be informal, this blog is a serious address for hairstyling enthusiasts. Since it connects with a lot of famous beauty websites, Hairdresser On Fire brings the viewers plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials and a helpful Q&A page that answers the questions regarding professional hairstyles to simple tips for hair care and hairstyling at home.

05 Hair Stylists Blogs

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Latest-Hairstyles is a famous blog that attracts a million women to visit every month. It has a smart way to keep their fans up-to-date with the latest hairstyling info and trends by co-operating with hair salons, stylists, and experts around the world. Latest-Hairstyles is a place that viewers can find anything they want, from the new trends, the greatest styles to the hair salons to style their hair. You can easily make sorting in the blog by length, color, trend, event, or style to get the needed info.

06 Hair Stylists Blogs

Above we mentioned some of the best hair stylists blogs that will bring you marvelous tips and tricks for your hair. If you have any other names, let share them in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.


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