Top ugly hair styles of kpop idols

Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 2
Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 2

Korean artists have repeatedly made people go wild with their vietnam hair, both terrible and funny.
Everytime back to the music scene, Kpop idols refresh themselves by changing their costumes and hairstyles. In order to meet the increasing wishes of fans, Korean idols always try to test the latest and most trendy. However, they are not always successful. Let’s take a look at the hair trends of the Korean idols made us laugh and feel bored.

Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 1

Porcupine hair

This style was very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s. Lee Min Woo (Shinhwa) and Changming (DBSK) were the two idols made you remember with this hairstyle. When seeing this hairstyle at the first time, people immediately think about the anime characters of Japan. It seems that they have to use a lot of gel to make that hair.

Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 1

Colorful layers hair

Currently, the trend of highlight and ombre is very prevalent. When you wear these hairs, you will look extremely young and attractive. However, it looks like Krystal (f (x)), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girl) and Hyunseung have gone too far in combining the colored blocks on the straight multi-layer hairstyle. Some funny fans say that their heads look like curtains.

Coconut hair covering one eye

“How can they sing and dance like that?”, “They do

Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 2

not feel itchy or smelly when one side of the hair is not stopping the friction in the eyes and cheekbones?” This is what audiences are curious about when they see the idols with this hair style.

Galic Hair

Of course, nothing to say if the female idol follows this style. However, men do not hesitate to try that style and sadly, their masculinity is seriously reduced with this hair.


Top Ugly Vietnam Hair Styles Kpop Idols 3

This is the typical hair style of black people. In particular, African rappers are extremely fond of this style. The trend of dreadlocks soon entered the Korean intertaining market. However, they did not fit the hair style. Most recently, Kai(EXO) was also blamed for racial distinctions when he wear thisĀ  Vietnam hair on Ko Ko Bop.

Long curly hair

G-Dragon and Lee Hyori have always been known as the idols of Kpop who have the most fashionable style. They have also experienced countless hairstyles and, of course, have not avoided some bizarre styles. Their beauty is completely obscured by the oversized and scaly Vietnam hair.



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