Elegant Long
Elegant Long

The famous Pretty Little Liars star has been known with her charming role in the series. Lucy Hale also owns a stunning dark brown hair styles that hundred fans out there dreaming of.  Take a look with some of her gorgeous hair looks as below. This may inspire you for your next hair styles.

#1, Elegant long

Elegant Long

Here we have Lucy in an elegant sleek and long hairstyle. This hair style looks amazing and matches well with her face shape. Long hair style is mostly great for triangle face shapes. It contains lots of layering which go around the face and camouflage a jaw line. Adding some curlsalso work out wonders for this. You can easily see with Lucy’s long bouncy curls. To own this look, you need to start with a high volume, and then blow out to make the hair smooth and sleek. Set the hair in the large rollers or can use a curling tools to make bigger bouncy curls. Adding somestyling spray will get a perfect finishing touch for this hairstyle and remain its glam look all night.

#2, Medium smooth straight

Smooth Straight

For most ladies with a triangular face shape, they tend to prefer the shorter hairdos. If you own a triangular face shape as Lucy, check out this beautiful layered bob. Itwill work as wonderful as with Lucy. This simple sleek hairdo has various layers and layered around the jawline. It creates a more heart or oval-like shape to the face and can balance out the face proportions. The sleek texture will also minimize the extra width of the jawline. You can wear it all up or down. This gorgeous hairstyle is an ideal look for more professional women.

#3, Up-do wavy style

Wavy Style

If you’re in the mood for an up-do hair, you can check out this gorgeous up-do wavy hairstyle. Lucy is perfectly wearing long hair with an elegant twist. Adding some curled tendrils left out will give more softness around the face. Lucy has made a small side part in the front look which is anoutstanding style tip for all triangles to follow if wanting to try out this look. Keep in mind that always maintaining a deep side part as much as possible and avoid the center parts at all of the costs.

#4, Medium wavy

This time, Lucy tried in a bouncy medium length wavy style. That is making the most out of softening her triangular face shape look. Additionally, a sleek side part, Lucy’s glossy mane also has been waved by using a curling tool, and then swept them to one side. This asymmetrical hairstyleis perfect for most of pear faces as they will minimize the extra width and give a nice slimming effect on the face. This style can work on various hair lengths as long as you have enough length to wrap and pin them to one side.

Medium Wavy

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