Tyra Banks no makeup – The beauty sparkling from the simplicity

01 Tyra Banks No Makeup

Since her debut as a model at the age of 15, until now, Tyra Banks has proved her outstanding talent with many activities as an enthusiastic TV personality, executive producer of American’s Next Top Model, a successful businesswoman of a cosmetics brand, actress of films and series and author of a top seller novel in 2011. She was also a special guest lecturer at Stanford University with two classes on building a brand. Despite her popularity and excellent achievement in her career, the beautiful model looks really simple in her daily life. Tyra Banks no makeup moments are when people admire her lifestyle and true beauty.

Tyra Banks no makeup enjoying her vacation


02 Tyra Banks No MakeupBeing one of the highest-paid models in the early 2000s, but Tyra Banks still manages to lead a really normal lifestyle. She also sets her free time to travel and enjoy life. Tyra Banks once shared that: “When we work really hard, it’s important to take time to recharge and take care of ourselves…” The way you live and love yourself will make you gorgeous without any glamorous makeup. That’s one of the reasons why there are more and more people who love her and get inspired by her motto of life.

In this selfie, Tyra Banks was wearing red pants, a grey jacket and a scarf. She looks simple yet stylish as always. Her bare face flashed a happy smile while resting comfortably. Banks seemed to enjoy her healing time there.

The cute girl posing V-sign

03 Tyra Banks No Makeup

Look at this selfie, can you tell that Tyra Banks is now 46 years old? It is definitely no. She looks so cute and young with a V-sign and sent out her love to the fan. The famous model went makeup-free for her selfie. Yet, she looks chic with a grey tank top and a scarf covering all her hair.

Tyra Banks no makeup at a close look

04 Tyra Banks No Makeup

This photo of Tyra Banks can blow the mind of any viewer with her stunning beauty. Wearing no makeup, her natural facial contours and flawless skin are displayed clearly in this selfie. Tyra Banks has never been afraid of showing her face at a close look as she can always rock her look in some way. Also, people love her not just because of her appearance, but also her inner beauty. When we love someone, we love all the moments of them.

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A little crazy for fun

05 Tyra Banks No Makeup

This photo is just one of many funny selfies that Tyra Bank has posted on her social account. She enjoys her life happily and wants to spread her joy and energy to her fan and the people around her.

Making her face a little crazy with popped out eyeballs while twisting her lips, but Tyra Banks still looks like an adorable doll with the messy hairdo and blunt bangs.

The lovely girl in hoodies 

Tyra Banks often shares her selfies without makeup on her Instagram. In this photo, Tyra Banks wore a grey hoodie and smiled lightly for her pose. She looks normal like us with the dark circle under her eyes, which shows that she has spent a lot of time on her work. However, her copper brown hair styled with light curls makes her more vibrant.

06 Tyra Banks No Makeup

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Tyra Banks no makeup has demonstrated there is no type of cosmetic product that can make us as beautiful as our true self. Just live your life simply and positively, work hard and treasure your value, you will shine brightly and make people fall for you.


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