How to use clip-in bangs?

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 3
Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 3

Although bangs only occupy a small part of the face, they are a highlight which embrace the delicate lines on the face. However, not all girls are lucky to have beautiful bangs as they dream. As a result, wearing clip-in Vietnam hair extensions to add bangs is the best choice to overcome this disadvantage.

There are 5 easy steps to wear clip-in Vietnam hair bangs.

Step 1: Prepare your clip-in bangs:

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 1

The very first step is that you have to pick up clip-in bangs which are the most suitable for your hair color, your hairstyle and your face shape. You can wash the chosen clip-in bangs to give them a natural looking shine.

Step 2: Give clip-in bangs a base:

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 2

Secondly, you need to part your real hair down the middle and divide it into two sections, one on each side. Use hairpins to fix the hair on each side. The purpose is to give clip-in bangs a base to hook into.

Step 3: Clip your chosen bangs in at your head:

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 3

After giving clip-in bangs a base, it’s time to clip them in at a suitable position on your head. Try to tighten all the clips from the underside of the bangs onto your natural hair to make sure that they always stay in the right position.

Step 4: Blend the two hair textures together:

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 4

Put the hair that you have fixed by hairpins down so that your natural hair and your clip-in bangs are mixed. It’s better to blend the two hair textures together by a comb. Your Vietnam hair bangs will certainly look more natural.

Step 5: Flaunt your new Vietnam hair:

Use Clip Bangs Vietnam Hair 5

Now you have nothing to do except flaunting your new hairstyle. Let’s go out for shopping, a walk, a meal or a drink with friends. And take some pictures to post them on social media sites so that everyone can see your new look.

Are you ready to hack your look with clip-in Vietnam hair bangs?


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