How to choose a ponytail which is suitable with your face?

Put Vietnamese Hair Extensions Wedding Day 1
Put Vietnamese Hair Extensions Wedding Day 1

It can be said that ponytail is the most popular hairstyle that girls choose for themself because it’s very simple to make. You just need some seconds to make a ponytail with an elastic by tossing your Vietnam hair up. It is most common in summer days when the weather is so hot and you need to make a hairstyle to help yourself feel cooler. However, most of girls do not know how to choose a ponytail which is suitable with the face to help balace the angles of their face. So, let’s check it out.

For a round face

For girls with a round face, it’s important to cover the face as much as possible. To help you face look smaller and thinner, you can choose a high ponytail and a bouffant in the front of the head. In addition, you can also teas the hair ends to create the balance for your face.

Another choice for you is to shorten the length of the Vietnam hair. You can swoop the hair around the forehead and tie the rest with an elastic at the nape of the neck. This style not only helps balance the angels of the face but also hide the puny ends in the back.

For an oval face

Every grils wish to own an oval face because it is very easy to choose a hairstyle for this face. An oval face will be suitable with most types of pontyail, you can make a side ponytail instead of tieing it up on the top of the head. This hairstyle is not strange with us anymore and it used to be a hot trend in recent years. You can tie the Vietnam hair behide the ears and make wavy or curls to help the ends look thicker. It will give you a modern look but still ferminine.

Vietnam Hair Choose Ponytail Suitable Face 3

For an heart – shaped face – Vietnam hair

Many girls own a heart-shape face and do not know how to help balance a wide forehead with a narrow chin. With this type of face, a side bangs will be most suitable because it helps to cover the wide forehead and add length to the face.

A ponytail at a mid-high will be a great choice to get attention to the backward not upward. Sometimes, a very small detail is very important, it can bring you up or push you down significantly.


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