Vietnam hair- flat tip bodywave brown color

Vietnamese Curly Hair
Vietnamese Curly Hair

It used to be thought that wig is something brittle, thin and lifeless, which made people wearing artificial hair unconfident because of its quality. However, the new generation of wig accessories will surprise you. Unlike those old wigs, new generation ones have a variety of shapes, from the Vietnam hair to the tail and even the bang.

Vietnam Hair Flat Tip Bodywave Brown Color 1

The common point of this new generation of wigs is the appearance is very shimmer and extremely similar to real human hair. Our company, APO hair in Vietnam, will be a reliable place to provide customers hair extensions as the new generation wig made from Vietnam hair with the best quality. Flat tip bodywave brown color hair extension is one of our quality products which is commonly used by the girls who want to change their hair style without taking too much time to worry about the new hair style and color.

Flat tip hair extension is known as remy hair which is bodywave and dyed brown with a fashionable straight style and color. Having the unique features, the Vietnam hair extension will be suitable for the girls who want to have a long hair to be permed with natural wavy. Moreover, brown is a beautiful color hair which is never out of fashion. It is the fact that a lot of famous K-pop stars have their hair dyed brown and brown also makes your face brighter.

The hair product is made from Vietnam hair of Vietnamese women. The Vietnam hair product is 100% Vietnamese hair without being chemical processed and not harmful to human. We ensure that our products are carefully chosen from real human hair with highly qualified additional manufacturing process in order for bringing the best things to clients.

Vietnamese Curly Hair

Although it is remy hair, we can ensure that the quality of hair is still good, with the unique features to meet the demand of clients. First, all cuticles run in same directions and there will be no shedding or no tangle when using our product. Next, the Vietnamese hair extension is silk, shining and soft, making the customers to feel confident when wearing it because of the fact that the product is same as with real human hair. Also, the hair extension is thick, which make the girl who suffers from hair loss love using it to have thick and healthy hair appearance. Last but not least, the Vietnam hair extension is clean without lice or other insects so customers don’t need to worry about its sanitation.


The Vietnam hair product is bundled and each bundle weights 100 gram; and the length of hair extension is 22 inches. It is remarkable that our product has high quality but whole sale price so why don’t you come with us and try the best quality product and customer services?

The shipping is served by UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX and CARGO within 4-5 days; and payment is through Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, Paypal, master card and visa card.

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