Secret to Mastering a Salon-worthy Blowout

Vietnam Hair Secret Mastering Salon Worthy Blowout 1
Vietnam Hair Secret Mastering Salon Worthy Blowout 1

One of the best thing that can be leaving the salon with a gorgeous hairstyle and perfect blow dry. The way your Vietnam hair bounces effortlessly with that beautiful, healthy sheen that lasts for days…we just love it! However, just after you wash your Vietnam hair or the day after, that bouncy, effortless look has gone forever. Try as you might, you just can’t seem to blow dry your hair like your hairstylist did, and you just can’t recreate that salon-worthy blowout? We’re here to help.

Vietnam Hair Secret Mastering Salon Worthy Blowout 1

How to do a blowout at home?

In order to master a professional looking blowout at home, all you need are the right tools, the right hair products and a bit of patience.


  • Sulfur free shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair mask
  • Hair spray (texturizing spray, conditioning spray)
  • Brush
  • Hairdryer
  • Finishing / smoothing cream

Step 1: Wash your Vietnam hair

You can’t hope to blowout your hair like a professional hairstylist if your hair hasn’t been prepped properly. Therefore, make sure to wash your Vietnam hair with mild shampoo such as sulfur free shampoo and then apply conditioner to hydrate your hair strands.

Step 2: Prepare your hair

After cleaning your hair, remember to apply a thickening or volumizing spray to the roots of your hair and work the product in. This will allow the hair to lift at the roots and give you that professional quality look. Next, apply a leave in conditioner to the ends of your for that extra boost of moisture.

Vietnam Hair Secret Mastering Salon Worthy Blowout 2

Step 3: Blow dry upside down

Notice how your hairstylist always blow dries your hair until it is almost dry before beginning to actually style the hair? That’s because it is always best to style your Vietnam hair from damp to dry rather than from wet to dry. This will help the style to hold once you are finished, as well as reduce the risk of breakage.

Step 4: The pull and roll technique

Here is the most important part, you are going to use a brush and a hairdryer in this step. The key to getting your hair looking big, bouncy, and smooth, is the “pull and roll” technique. You will be working in small sections throughout your whole head. The smaller the section, the better!

Start with your hairbrush at the root of your hair, and tightly work it into the hair. Blow dry and slowly pull your hair brush toward the end of your hair, following along with the hair dryer. Once you reach the end of your hair, roll the hair brush toward the root and pull toward the end of your hair again. Keep going with this technique until the section of hair is fully dry.

Step 5: Blast the roots with cold air

This tip will cool your Vietnam hair down and keep the roots lift up.

Step 6: Continue blow drying

Continue blow drying the rest of your hair using the “pull and roll” technique with your round brush. Take your round brush and wrap it tightly around the hair away from your face. The more taught the hair is pulled, the straighter it will dry. Then, blow dry these sections pointing away from your face.

Vietnam Hair Secret Mastering Salon Worthy Blowout 4

Step 7: Flip your hair back and show off

Once you’ve done, flip all your hair back and admire your beautiful, salon-worthy, professional quality blowout!

Besides, if you are too lazy that you can’t do all of these steps all the time after you wash your hair then opt for some virgin hair extensions to add more volume and thickness to your hair. At the same time, this technique can totally be used with your real hair extensions as it will give the same affect. After you clip your Vietnam remy hair extensions on your head, then continue with step 3 with your real hair and your clip-in hair extensions. Check out our Vietnam hair extensions on our website to get more choices.


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