Vietnamese hair in straight, wavy and curly hair

Vietnamese Hair Straight Wavy Curly Hair 3
Vietnamese Hair Straight Wavy Curly Hair 3

It is common knowledge that virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated such as dyed, bleached, straightened or curled. Besides, undamaged hair cuticle is one of the outstanding features of this kind of hair. For this piece, some useful information about several kinds of Vietnamese hair will be made available.


Vietnamese Hair Straight Wavy Curly Hair 3

As far as straight hair is concerned, it can be said that this hair style is quite popular in Vietnam. Actually, seeing young girls wearing long straight hair on the street is a piece of cake. This kind of hair has the color natural black, in other word, it is bright black hair color. You know, black is for the mysterious, those who seek light in the dark. Natural black, therefore, provide you a chance to find inspiration and express your individuality and uniqueness. With the length from 6 inches to 32 inches and remarkable hair features such as no shedding, tangle free and easier to bleach and dye, this kind of Vietnamese hair is worth to try indeed.


Vietnamese Hair Straight Wavy Curly Hair 1


Turning to wavy hair, it is impossible to write of the Vietnam hair without mentioning the wavy hair style. With the length about 16 inches or even 26 inches, the color black and the totally natural feature help waves look shiny and gorgeous. When touching to it, the feeling of smooth, soft is immediately evoked. Like straight Vietnam virgin hair, the wavy hair is also no shedding and tangle free.


Vietnamese Hair Straight Wavy Curly Hair 2


With regard to curly hair, there are different lengths but all of them have the same striking features. The color is black and dark brown. Although it is curly, it is still no shedding and tangle free for sure. Especially, by using hot steam to make this Vietnamese hair curly, the kind of hair still keeps away from chemicals and quite strong. You can use it at least for a year. Actually, curly hair bears an inimitable romantic and nonchalant flair. So, if you expect to have striking look, this kind of hair is really worth trying.

With different styles and lengths, but all of the Vietnamese hair styles apparently have the same features that are cut or made by 100% virgin natural hair of Vietnamese women, no shedding and tangle free. It is easy to bleach or dye and style your hair.


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