Vietnamese Wavy Hair Types and Indispensable Styling Tips

Vietnamese Hair Types Indispensable Styling Tips 1
Vietnamese Hair Types Indispensable Styling Tips 1

That types of Vietnamese hair do we have, and how to wear it perfectly. In this blog post, we will together figure it out. What is more, scientific structure of wavy hair is also explored to help you have more deep understanding about Vietnamese wavy hair.

Vietnamese Hair Types Indispensable Styling Tips 1

Vietnamese Wavy hair types:Vietnamese Fine/thin Wavy Hair: This type is loose, with an “S” shaped pattern, and is on the thinner. This type is usually very easy to manage and style.

How to wear it: Shoulder length & trendy. This type of hair is already pretty easy to manage, but is often fine in texture. To give it the appearance of more volume, a shoulder length blunt cut is the most flattering and stylish look to go for.

Vietnamese Medium Wavy Hair: This hair type is shorter with a more prominent “S” shaped pattern, and resembles the highly coveted “beachy” wave. Although beautiful, this type tends to be on the slightly frizzier side of the spectrum.

How to wear it: Pinned to the side. Since this hair type is a medium wave and thickness, it can give in to a little bit of pinning. The pinned to the side hairstyle looks gorgeous for all occasions and is flattering on most face shapes as well.

Vietnamese Coarse Wavy Hair: This type has a very distinct “S” shaped pattern, and is borderline curly at some points. Curly wavy hair tends to be frizzier and thicker. Although this type is more resilient (because of its thickness), it is also more resistant to styling.

How to wear it: Long and parted in the middle. This type of Vietnamese hair is both thick and has tighter “S” shapes, so best to take advantage of the resilience and keep the hair long to weigh it down a little bit more. With long wavy hair, the weight will help soften and even out the waves so they look more natural, less frizzy.

Vietnanese Deep Wavy Single Drawn Machine Weft Hair

Vietnanese Deep Wavy Single Drawn Machine Weft Hair

Scientific Structure of Wavy Hair
Naturally wavy hair, also known as Vietnamese Medium wavy hair, develops its structure from the shape of the cortex. The fibers of wavy hair are oval-shaped, making it mostly round, but twisting ever so slightly upon the other follicle. Vietnamese hair is also determined by its protein structure. Wavy hair has a light to medium amount of the disulfide bonds that
occur between hair proteins. It also has a slight hook at the end of the follicle, which makes it grow at a minimal angle. In some cases, hormones and certain medications can change the texture of the hair, making it grow in a different way than it was originally formed.

That may have been even more than you needed to know about wavy Vietnamese hair, but there it is:
the definitive guide to the-best-of-both-worlds-hair. Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about this hair type, or, if you’re lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair, tell us a few of your Vietnamese hair tips.



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