Wavy ponytail – 3 things you need to know for a stunning look  

01 Wavy Ponytail

It’s marvelous to have long hair so that you can style it in a lot of charming hairstyles. Even in the hot summer weather, you can diverse your style if you tie your hair into a ponytail as there so many beautiful ponytail styles. And today, we will learn about wavy ponytail, one of the most common type of ponytail and how to apply it properly.

Wavy ponytail – A useful way to shine up your look within a short time

It is absolutely not difficult to make a wavy ponytail whether you do it on your natural hair or use a wavy drawstring ponytail. With some simple items, you can create an impressive wavy ponytail in a short time. For people with professional work or a busy mom who doesn’t have time for a complicated hairstyle, wavy ponytail is a great choice.

02 Wavy Ponytail

Moreover, wavy ponytail can go with any setting. With this hair, you can go straight from your work to do a gym session, join a party of your friend or a date with someone special without worrying about your look. The messy wavy ponytail is initially created for aesthetic effect.

Wavy ponytail extension – A good way to have a wavy ponytail without much effort

If you don’t have your hair long enough to make a long wavy ponytail on your real hair, you can always try wavy ponytail extension. There are various types of wavy ponytail extension available in the market, but wavy drawstring ponytail is now the most popular one because it is convenient to use and easy to apply and remove. More importantly, using wavy ponytail extension like wavy drawstring ponytail is also an effective way to get your natural hair away from styling and have time to recover from damage.

03 Wavy Ponytail

The installation process of wavy drawstring ponytail is similar to that of straight drawstring ponytail. You can read HOW TO INSTALL A NICE DRAWSTRING PONYTAIL STRAIGHT to get the instruction steps.

Making a long wavy ponytail on your natural hair

For girls with nice long natural hair, they often make a long wavy ponytail on their natural hair since it’s also easy to do and just requires common items.

Firstly, you will need to prep your hair with some root lift spray. By this way, you can have a perfect base to comb your hair into a ponytail using your fingers and boost volume to your tresses. Once the spray dries, pull your hair into a ponytail, and then use an elastic band to secure your ponytail. Remember to pinch some sections of hair at the crown to tease out and soften the look. Next, use a curling iron to make the waves on your ponytail. After you finish making the waves, pull the wavy ponytail in different directions to add the messy look. You can leave a few sections of hair to frame your face. And boom! You are all done.

04 Wavy Ponytail

Making a wavy ponytail in your own hair will bring you the most natural look. However, if you do it frequently, your hair will have to expose with too much heat and get damage easily. Make sure to take care of your natural hair carefully to reduce the damage and help it look more vibrant.

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A small note

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Above all, wavy ponytail is a style that can be easily done, yet bringing in excellent result. Consider to use it properly, you can rock each of your day with a gorgeous look. We hope that the article bring you useful info about wavy ponytail. Please keep following our blog for more updates. Thank you for reading.


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