What is the difference between frontal and closure?

01 Difference Between Frontal And Closure

Both lace frontal and lace closure are stunning options for sew-in weave or wig. They are easy to use and require no blending for installation. But which one is better? What is the difference between frontal and closure? Let find the answer below.

Applying area in the head

The most common size of a lace closure is 4×4 (the largest one is 5×5). That means the hairpiece is installed at a small area of your front head, which is called “horseshoe” position. With its covering area, a lace closure serve to finish, or close off the style.

Lace frontal has a wider covering area in the front head with the normal size of 13×4. The hairpiece runs from temple to temple; therefore, it is often considered as a half wig.

02 Difference Between Frontal And Closure

Styling options

When it comes to styling options, lace frontal is a better choice. Frontal runs the whole length of your hairline; hence, you can make parting and style your hairpiece any way you want. You can pull your hair backward, make cornrow braids, create deep side part or center part and even put your hair into a high ponytail. Whereas, with lace closure, you have less styling versatility since the hairpiece has less material. It offers smaller space for parting within the horseshoe portion. Generally, lace closure just allows users to create a side part on either side of your head and middle part. It’s also not possible to make up-dos or haft ponytails with lace closure.

03 Difference Between Frontal And Closure

Maintenance process

As for maintenance, lace frontal is often known to be hard to maintain. A frontal sew in often requires weekly upkeep and maintenance to achieve better results and a more natural look. This does not include the after-work you need to do when buying a lace frontal like bleaching knots, tweezing, plucking, etc., to have a realistic hairline.

Unlike a lace frontal sew-in weave or wig, lace closure just require little to effort for the caring and maintaining process. The most things you need to do are just washing, conditioning and re-styling your lace closure wigs or extensions.

04 Difference Between Frontal And Closure

Overall cost

Another difference between frontal and closure is the cost for each item. As lace frontal needs more material and provides better styling versatility, the price is normally higher than a lace closure.

05 Difference Between Frontal And Closure

Which one to choose?

At the end of the day, choosing between frontal and closure really depends on your personal taste. Both the hairpieces offer the natural look for your wig and hair extensions. If you like to change different styles, let opt for a lace frontal, but if you want to have a permanent look, a lace closure is a good choice. And remember to take your budget into consideration. If you can’t make a DIY sew-in with the hairpieces, you will need to spend an extra amount for a visit to hair salon.

Now that you know the difference between frontal and closure in terms of size, style, price and maintenance, let choose one that suits your preference to rock a new look now.

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