What is weft hair? 3 points to consider before placing your order

04 What Is Weft Hair

Women have born with the birthright of growing their hair long and styling their hair in a million different ways. I always thought women who have the patience to grow their hair out to their waistline are some of the most beautiful and courageous women. But as we all know, this can not be achieved by every single woman. Sometimes a bit of help from a luxury salon or a beauty supply store can go a long way.

Yes, I’m talking about my favorite subject – weft hair. Not everybody has a good understanding of hair extensions in general, but particularly weft hair. Today I will lay down for you all the basic idea when it comes to weft hair? What are they? How do you select the right piece based on your natural trait and budget? Whether you have done this for a while or are a newbie, I hope you will find my tips and examples useful.

What is weft hair?

00 What Is Weft Hair

Weft hair can be understood in various ways. But in this blog post, I will try to define them the way I understood. There might be other understanding of this word, but by knowing all the necessary terms and words, this little rough start will be minimized.

Basically for me, a weft of hair is where you find a couple of hair strands attached at one end. Most people rejoice these types of hair extensions if their hair is too thin, lack density or just simply need a little boost to look better. They don’t want to change their look drastically but want to boost their natural beauty by having more hair.

For all the types of wefts out there and its corresponding features, remember to check out Apostore’s guide on weft hair extensions

Why are they so crazy about their weave?

01 What Is Weft Hair

If you have seen your female friends and your favorite celebrity keep rocking hair weft. You shall not be surprised. After all the benefits hair weave doesn’t just stop at purely aesthetic. Hair weft allowed women to wait while they let their natural hair grows. The hair weave also strengthens the hair underneath and provides a protective layer from all the heat.

Most women adore the added length hair weft offer and are blown away by the number of hairstyles available to them at their fingertips. All of these benefits also coincide with the significant decrease in price making human hair extension a popular option. Now before you make any purchase, be prepared to ask yourself some questions.

A temporary look or permanent style?

02 What Is Weft Hair

If you are planning on something temporary, a quick weave or a skin-weft hair extension  would be a good option for 90% of the time. They are easy to get done, have options for all kinds of price points, and get the task done. Apart from not costing an arm and a leg, they offer ease and versatility when installing. My best friend, Sharron, loves installing tape hair all by herself.

While if you are planning on semi-permanent options, do check out braided weave and or hand-tied weave, as they are the most suitable options. They blend in your hair seamlessly (notice that a sew-in weave would require thicker hair) and can be easily redone by your hairstylist every 8 weeks so you don’t have to worry too much. Just make sure that for hair weft to last and be easily cared for, pick some wefts from a reliable company.

How healthy are your scalps and hair?

Now this subject is a bit sensitive. But how many of you have done a quick weave just to find out they are not really the best option for your hair? We’ve all been there more or less. What I have found is that for the best scalp and hair health, opt for something that won’t make use of heat or chemical. Options that would easily fulfill these criteria would be hand-tied weft, machine weft that is sewn-in to a fine braid. Since these options don’t damage your hairs and scalp they also are popular amongst people who wear extensions for a long period of time.

03 What Is Weft Hair

But for women with strong hair, you could really experiment with many hair wefts. From traditional sew-in to tape hair, to glue in. The sky is really the limit for girls with strong natural hair.

Value vs Cost

Besides the two main considerations above as well as the types of extensions that your hair carries, you also need to consider the budget you have for your weave. If you only plan to wear something fun for a short while, you might be able to get away with some synthetic hair ones. If you need more quality as well as longer use time, opt for human hair wefts, I almost always get mine that way.

I hope my little guide was somehow helpful and steer you in the right direction. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, you always need to have a clear agreement with yourself about what you want to achieve with the hair extensions. The final pictures you have in your mind will dictate your choice down the line


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