What to look out for when selecting the best online wig store?

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Do you need to create a new wig for your latest photoshoot or do you just want a certain wow factor? We have all been there. And for the majority of the time, it could be hard to even drive down to a physical store to get what you need. A lot of our transaction today has moved to the digital marketplace. At first, I was skeptical with the whole online shopping ordeal but then with all of my trials and errors, I think I have solidified the way to find out the best wig stores for my projects.


But just one google search in and you will probably be flooded with a vast amount of options. These stores almost always have so many dizzying promises with content like “premium natural hair” and all the like. I have had my fair share of experience with online stores. Some of them are the nicest people you can meet and the product they deliver can be sufficient. A lot of the product ship to me fell flat due to the quality not lived up to the site’s promise. You really need to dig deep and do your research on these online wig stores. If you don’t have the time and can’t be bothered, just simply follow my recommendations below.

Always trust your friend’s wig store reviews

A long time friend have spoken

Jenny McLaughlin, a reader of this blog and a friend I have known for a long time, has got a deep curly black wig from the APO store. And here is what she has to say about her APO experience.

“The salesgirl I was messaging and ordering from was such a godsend. They are so attentive to all the specifications of the wigs and ensure that the product is just right according to my requirement. The wigs arrive fast due to UPS and I couldn’t be happier. I think your recommendations really saved my a** this time”

A reputable store will be a great time saver

So after I heard this from her in my Instagram DM, I take down the plunge and order one bundle from APOstore. This story I told you was meant to illustrate my point. Look around people in your industry and your friends, where do they shop. This would be a good place to start.

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Besides word of mouth, what other factors we should not overlook?


I always prioritize the quality of the wigs above all else. This held true whatever I buy in my daily life, but especially my wigs. I ain’t gonna rock something that looks less than perfect. The wigs will only get used if the hair quality is good. At the end of the days, I’m busy enough juggling between my kids, my day time jobs, and this blog. I need something fool-proof and stress-free, with durability and quality in mind. My wigs are usually 100% real human hair and that’s why Apo hair is always at the top of my shortlist since they only carry real human hair. Natural hair is also easier to maintain and can be styled or customized sparingly without degrading the quality. You can find out a lot more about the difference between these types of hair yourself when shopping around.

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Seller’s fulfillment ability

Some sellers have stock management issues and take a really long time to fulfill my order. This usually stems from the fact that most of them are resellers. I prefer buying from a seller who can also provide hair in bulk since they control the manufacturing process rigorously and can easily produce my wigs in no time. Since they control the hair material, they also can easily provide any fix or adjustment for my needs if I wanted them. Sellers who don’t have much control over the hair source will take longer and sometimes would have me wait for weeks on end.

Shipping time

Thanks to our world of instant 247 communication, it has never been easier to get what you want almost instantaneously. This doesn’t always hold true for products that have to cross the oceans to come to us. I tend to select store who are sensitive to my time and keep me up to date with my shipments. That has taken out all of the guesswork for my schedule and we would always know the most sensible shipping options for me. The sale’s attitude and their support service also contribute greatly to these factors.

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That is how I go about selecting the best online wig store. If they can satisfy me on these fronts, I will easily be their regular customer for sure. How about you? What makes you choose a supplier? Any deal-breaker or quality that will win you over? Do let me know through the contact form.


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